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Bridesmaid Etiquettes

Bridesmaid Etiquettes vary from one culture to another. In certain traditions the presence of a "bridesmaid" is inevitable, while in others they not required. In the oriental wedding, there is no particular Bridesmaid Etiquettes. The "bridesmaid" in the traditional Indian wedding assumes the role of a friend who assists the bride during the wedding ceremony. In the occidental weddings, the "Bridesmaid Etiquettes" are part and parcel of the wedding ceremony.

There are three of four "bridesmaid" followed by the "maid-of-honor". There must be complete cooperation between them. The bridesmaids should not wear "black" colored gowns. The "wedding ring" of the groom should be either with them or the maid-of-honor.

Bridesmaid Etiquettes are not limited to the wedding day ceremonies. The Bridesmaid Etiquettes includes hosting bridal shower for the bride. She should also assist the bride in preparing notes and poems before the vows. The Bridesmaid Etiquettes consist of the "processional walks" towards the altar. During the formal procedure of the "vow" they are supposed to stand near the bride as an emblem of support and affection. In the traditional Indian weddings, the Bridesmaid Etiquettes generally revolves round taking "good care" of the bride, besides offering her "moral support". The bridesmaid should also take part in the "rehearsal dinners" and "ceremonies".

They Deserve It provides us all information on Bridesmaid Etiquettes from all quarters of the world.

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