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Theydeserveit >> Christmas >>Christmas Island

Christmas Island

Christmas Island is a small territory of Australia, which is positioned in the Indian Ocean at about 10 degrees 25'S and 105 degrees 40'E. The Christmas Island is situated approximately 2800 km west of Darwin, 2500 Km northwest of Perth and 360 Km south of the western head of Java. The island is populated with about 1,500 people who reside

in the town located on the northern point of the island. The main towns of the Christmas Island are Settlement, Kampong, Poon Saan, Silver city and Drumsite.

The area covered by the Christmas Island is about 135 sq km, of which the Christmas Island National Park covers about 85 sq km. This national park is the home to many fascinating species of flora and fauna, which have been able to attract the attention of the scientists and the naturalists in a large number. As far as the history of the Christmas Island goes, it has acted as a natural barrier to many settlements. It was first included by the British and the Dutch navigators on their charts during the early seventeenth century.

The island was given the worldly recognition by Captain William Mynors of the East India Ship Company vessel named 'Royal Mary'. The captain paid a visit to the island on 25th December 1643. William Dampier of the British ship cygnet paid the next visit, in 1688 and found the Christmas Island to be uninhabited. Although many people visited the Christmas Island after that but the first attempt of exploring the Christmas Island was made in the year 1857 by the crew of the Amethyst.

The British Phosphate Commissioners and the district officers from the United States formed the first administration of the Christmas Island. Later the Christmas Island was invaded and occupied by Japan in 1942. In 1947 the sovereignty of the Christmas Island was transferred to Australia, who paid a huge amount of money to the government of Singapore as a form of compensation. Since the late 1980s or early 1990s the Christmas Island received huge numbers of refuges form Indonesia.

The population of the Christmas Island is a mixture of different varieties of people. You can find 70% Chinese, 20% Europeans and 10% Malay inhabiting the Christmas Island. Among the different religions followed in the Christmas Island, you can find 36% of people following Buddhism, 25% people practicing Islam, 18% of people following Christianity, 15% people following Taoism and 6% of the population follow the other religions.


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