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With this section, we wish to bring you the latest beauty tips and advice to get that glossy, air brushed look. Learn the secrets behind the million-dollar look of celebrities and take an in depth look into the billion-dollar cosmetics industry.

Take a small step into the world of beauty and cosmetics.

Welcome to the glamorous world of beauty
and fashion. The styles of fashion are
changing everyday and to move with it
is a necessity in todayís world. Whether
you are a student, office goers or model
we all want to look our best. And believe
it or not it is not at all difficult. With
some simple ideas and handy tips this
world of fashion and beauty will look
your own personal paradise.
What keeps the Fashion world ticking,
who makes the rules and who breaks
them? Find out all this and more in
our comprehensive section on the latest
Fashion trends and styles ruling the ramp.
Join us as we explore the different aspects
of the fashion industry from an outsiderís
point of view and discover the thin line
that differentiates a fashion icon from a
fashion victim!
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