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Theydeserveit >> Fashion and beauty >> Beauty Tip and Trick

Beauty Tip and Trick

For some, looking beautiful means becoming gorgeous and to some other good looks is nothing but being presentable. Whatever may be the goal, people do a lot of mess of their make-ups and time to make themselves ready to go out. Beauty Tip and Trick will show how to be the best looking (as per your definition of beauty) wasting least time for make-ups.It is not possible for anybody to spend half of the month's earning on make-ups, but irony is, the cosmetics scattered in the market consume a large amount of

the salary that people are even scared of spending on good looks. Expensive Spas and Beauty Salons can give you a make-over to your looks, but the effect is not permanent, most of the time. The temporary feeling of healthy skin cannot spare you from skin problems for long. Beauty Tip and Trick will provide you with some extraordinary ideas that will make you extraordinary among the ordinary. Here is a list of such ideas-

•  After going through an expensive manicure your nail loose its health and gloss due to a few reasons. Most of the hair-care products and sun-screens make the nail weak and it tends top break easily. Expired nail polish is another culprit of damaged and weakened nail.

•  Women are often upset due to an over-plucked eye-brow. In case you go through a similar problem, just take a brow-defining pencil and highlight the problem area with light strokes.

•  Find out the areas that are badly needed to be evened out. Apply concealer on that portion religiously. Blend the color with the foundation with outward strokes towards the hairline.

•  A great alternative for conditioner is avocado. Mash avocado, whole milk or mayonnaise together. This makes an effective hair conditioner.

To know more about Beauty Tip and Tricks, go through the other articles on Theydeserveit.

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