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Theydeserveit >> Fashion and beauty >> Beauty tip for teenage girl

Beauty tip for teenage girl

Beauty tip for teenage girls matter a lot as presently the teenagers are highly conscious about their looks and beauty. Presently, the glamour world is bringing in a lot of incentives for beautiful and glowing skin which are highly helpful for teenage girls. Theydeserveit provides information about beauty tip for teenage girl. Presently, the teenage girls mostly tend to use branded cosmetics from prominent cosmetic houses. Despite the easy availability of quality skin

care and beauty care products, these days teens are equally delving into the herbal and ayurvedic homemade remedies for naturally glowing skin.

A few skin care tips for teenage girls are:

  • Tomato lemon mix: mix tomato juice -50ml, with lemon juice-1 tsp, and apply it for smooth and glowing skin. This mixture makes your skin look healthy and pimple free with a long lasting glow.
  • Turmeric, wheat flour and sesame oil mix: for removing hair, blend turmeric powder, wheat flour in equal quantities with sesame oil and make a paste.

Nowadays teenage girls are more and more into dieting and are highly figure conscious. It's important on their part to maintain a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fresh citrus fruits for a healthy skin. They should cut down on their consumption of dairy products and other oily food items. These high calorie food items tend to increase weight and become a cause of pimple growth and acne scars on the skin. A few other homemade facial packs and remedies are:

Honey Mask: ingredients: honey-1 tbsp, egg white-1, glycerin-2 tsp, flour-1/3 cup. Procedures: One needs to whisk the honey, egg white and glycerin with flour, which will produce a thick paste and apply it to your face and keep for 15minutes, rinse off well leading to a smooth and tightened skin which is soft and moistened as well. This is a skin smoothening moisturizing paste.

Citrus grapefruit mask: ingredients: grapefruit, lemon juice, hollowed apple, 2 egg whites, and 40 seedless grapes. Mix these in a blender and apply on your face, leave it for 15minutes and rinse with warm water. Grape helps to unclog pores while lemon acts as an astringent or clarifier, and egg whites tighten the skin. This mixture may not be effective on dry skin and cause burning; in that case one should wash it off immediately. This solution is best for oily skin.

Another simple body care solution is to massage your body with a moisturizer prepared from coconut oil mixed with any other scented oil like lavender or rosemary. For rough palms, use a moisturizer made by mixing glycerin and limejuice in equal proportion. For eye care, blend sandalwood and nutmeg paste, apply it around the eyes before going to sleep and rinse off in the morning for beautiful eyes. The best solutions for eye care and eye treatment are:

  • To tackle dark circles apply powdered fenugreek plus milk as you make a paste. Apply at night and rinse well in the morning.
  • Concealer cures dark circles faster than other solutions and prepares you for the party look.

The home remedy for face lifting requires: grapes-handful, pear- ½, apple- ½, orange juice 1oz. Mix these in a blender. Before applying this fruit pack, apply some honey to your face. Rinse with warm after leaving it for half an hour and finally rinse with vinegar pH balancer.

The aspect of makeup and decking up is important for teenage girls. Moisturizers play an important role in improving the basic health and glow of the skin. Moisturizers are generally used for dry skin and oily skin needs astringent as beauty care products. Foundations and concealers are meant to cover the flaws in the skin and pigments in skin and one can also use a creamy foundation diluted with a little bit of water for a smoother finishing. Regarding dry skin, avoid powders. You can apply a softer shade blusher on the cheekbones going outwards and then upwards. Regarding eye make-up, go for soft looks and avoid eyeliners and use eye shadow or eye pencil to line the upper lids and draw a line close to the lashes. Avoid harsh black colors and stick to the tones of brown and gray. Apply mascara to brighten the eyes and with a brush, separate the eyelashes for a natural look. For lipsticks, the most applicable shades are, burgundy, plum, coral, bronze, copper or hues of coffee. Presently, acne scars, especially acne vulgaris, have become an important matter of concern for teenage girls. Acne scars can negatively affect one's beauty appeal. With regular exercise one can keep acne scars at bay. Avoid using excess makeup in case you have a chemical sensitive skin. The right antibiotics for acne are erythromycin, minocycline and tetracycline in addition to antibacterial creams like Benzoyl. The effective herbs for acne scars are Oregon grape root cream, tea tree oil, oregano and basil oil. Other types of acne scars are, Acne conglobata, Acne cosmetica, Acne fulminans, Acne medicamentosa, Acne rosacea, Comedonal acne, Comedones, Cyst, Cystic acne, Macule, Nodule, Papules, Pustules. For detailed information, one can consider going to a dermatologist. For beauty tip for teenage girl, visit

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