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Theydeserveit >> Fashion and beauty >> Facial beauty tip

Facial beauty tip

Facial beauty tips presently occupy an important position in the world of not only fashion and glamour but even in a common man's life. Facial beauty is a major issue, as many prefer to judge a book by its cover. So guys and girls prepare to look your best while you are partying out or when in the work place. Looks count everywhere. Theydeserveit provides information about facial beauty tip.

A beautiful face doesn't come from applying loads of makeup alone. One should have a clear idea about his or her skin type. If you are having a dry skin, then it's advisable that you use more of moisturizer as it works not only as a skin softener but also prevents your skin from looking dull and drab by giving a glow to your skin. If your skin is sensitive to ordinary moisturizers then you can always go for the good quality moisturizers which may be a bit expensive but you can't afford to harm your skin. Even the homemade moisturizers having honey and olive oil content act as equally good moisturizers and one can be rest assured there won't be any side effects. In case you have oily skin, then applying astringent will always help you get the desired look in parties and while going out. Astringents actually tend to soak the extra oil from your skin and also tighten your skin. Applying astringents before applying foundation is a must for a glamorous and non oily skin. Strawberries, cucumber, lemon and watermelon serve as the perfect natural astringents but strawberry has some chances of causing irritation to sensitive skin and in that case one can avoid using strawberry facials. For getting the desired facial glamour either in parties or in the work place you need to apply makeup not only in the right manner but also with the right shades and colors. It's essential to use foundation or concealer to hide pimple marks, dark circles and pigment marks on the face. Use the eye shadow and liner in the shades of brown and gray, which shouldn't be very dark, compared to the color of the skin. For doing your eyebrows at home, brush them with an old toothbrush until you get a proper shape. Use lip pencil to give a proper boundary to your lips. For lipsticks the best colors in circulation presently are peach, mauve, burgundy, matte, brown etc. making you look gorgeous or formal according to the need of the situations.

If you are tired of your oily skin and sprouting acne on your face then you can try out this simple solution at home for which a medium size apple is needed which, should be grated and mixed with 5 tbsp honey. Apply this on your skin and rinse it off after 10 minutes with cold water. If you hate the dull and drab look on your face and want a radiant glow then the ingredients needed for the homemade solution are, fuller's earth- 1 tbsp, honey-1 tbsp, and papaya-1 tbsp. Blend all these ingredients together and apply on your face and rinse off after 20minutes and behind the face mask find a new and radiant face.

To lighten your dark circles under the eyes, take a raw potato and grate it followed by wrapping it in cheesecloth. Apply it on your eyelids for approximately 20 minutes. Finally, use an eye cream after you have removed the potato wrapped cloth. Going for sauna treatment can do wonders to your skin but try to avoid going for sauna sessions if you have a sensitive skin, if you are suffering from asthma or if you are pregnant. Lastly, applying crushed grapes on your face and neck does wonder to remove the skin wrinkles and other marks of aging. To know more about the facial beauty tip, visit

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