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Theydeserveit >> Fashion and beauty >> Natural Beauty Make-up Tip

Natural Beauty Make-up Tip

Cosmetic Make-ups have earned a bad name with time. People are prejudiced with believes like, cosmetics are always harmful to the skin and it even hampers the inner systems of the body. Most of the people run away from make-up for imaginary reasons rather than real reasons. Natural Beauty Make-up Tips are especially for those who are scared of putting on make-up. Natural make-up is basically the mineral

make-up. A particular range of foundation, translucent powders, lipsticks and many other products are manufactured with keeping the basic needs of the skin in mind. So they are absolutely safe. On the other hand, they are as efficient in enhancing your beauty as any other cosmetic make-up.

Natural Make-up has a different definition as well. The modern day definition of beauty can be summed up in this phrase "Simply beautiful". It's been almost a few years that the natural or the no make-up look has become the in-thing. It highlights the best features of a person in the right way and instead of giving an artificial, glamorous look, it helps to surface the original beauty of a person. Natural Beauty Make-up Tip will also focus on this kind of look.

It is pretty easy to apply makeup for a natural look. As the process is fast and consumes least time, it is the best way of getting ready for office and some corporate dinner after office.

Here are some tips for donning neutral Make-up:

STEP 1: To achieve a 'neutral' look, it is necessary to select colors intelligently. Not only the colors of the lipstick or eye shadow, but the color of the foundation also calls for careful consideration. The tone of the foundation must be the closest to the skin tan.

STEP 2: The concealer must be of any shade of yellow. The tone must be close to the shade of the fairest part of your face. The concealer's duty is to mute imperfections and not adding color.

STEP 3: The best foundation will be that which vanishes on your skin. The western whites are free to choose lighter colors of the foundation, but the African-Americans must choose from dark to wheatish. Wheatish color goes well on most of the Indians and Hispanic.

STEP 4: Natural make-up of the eye consists of earthy tones, such as, ' gold, beige, plum, or brown'. Shadows in brown and charcoal create a natural but intoxicating look. Gray liner and mascara can be worn in any occasion. Light make-up, especially for the day is nice even without eyeliner or eye shadow.

STEP 5: Blush is not ideal for natural look. Still people of lighter complexion can go for pastel shades like, pink, yellowish pink or reddish orange.

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