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When making flower gift baskets, the central focus, of course, is the flowers. If you grow your own flowers, clip them the day that you intend to deliver the basket, choose a ribbon to tie around the bundle of stems and place the freshly cut bouquet into the gift basket. If you want, include a vase that can be used later. You can actually put the cut flowers into the vase, but be careful not to spill the water.

Decorate the gift basket with flowers, using either real or silk flowers, or a combination of both. Consider using silk flowers or paper mache flower arrangements that you have created yourself. The inspiring array of fancy and unusual baskets, ribbon, strands of beads and embellishments from a sewing and craft supply store will spark your imagination. Glue flowers, buttons and decorations to the handle or rim of the basket using a hot glue gun. This makes and exquisite and very unique container for your flowers.

If you are purchasing live flowers, tell the florist or your online flower delivery service who the gift basket is for and what occasion is being celebrated, such as the birth of a baby or a bridal shower or graduation. If you are ordering flowers online, have them delivered directly to you so that you can include them in your personalized gift basket and make the in-person delivery yourself. Live flowers can be combined with bulbs to be planted later for a wonderful, long-lasting gift. The event can help dictate what you will want to include in your basket as well as the color theme and the type of flowers that you will include.

Flowers can speak volumes because they are loaded in mythology and rich in meaning and symbolism. Do a little research to add special meaning to your home-made flower gift basket. For example, asters are considered enchanted, the perfume from their burning leaves capable of driving away evil spirits. Today the aster is regarded as a symbol of patience and a talisman of love. The aster is the September birth flower and the 20th wedding anniversary flower; it would be perfect for a September birthday present or a 20th wedding anniversary gift in your flower gift basket.

Blue flowers symbolize unity, confidence, trustworthiness and intelligence. Soft blue hues can be uplifting, tranquil, peaceful and soothing. Blue irises were once planted over the graves of women to summon Iris, the goddess, to guide them in their journey to heaven. Irises would be a perfect flower for a sympathy basket.

The lilac bush in your backyard also has a romantic history. Syringa, a beautiful nymph who was pursued by Pan, the god of the fields and forests, was determined not to be caught by Pan and escaped by running into the forest, turning herself into an aromatic bush that we now call the lilac. Purple lilacs symbolize first love and the attendant emotions. White lilacs mean youthful innocence. If a young friend is suffering from a broken heart, this might be the perfect flower to include in a gift basket.

Use any kind of basket that appeals to you. The size, shape, material or color will depend on what the basket is going to contain and what the intended use is for the future. Baskets are pretty but they are also utilitarian in nature and can be utilized for a dozen other purposes long after the flowers have wilted.

Line the gift baskets with tissue paper, fabric, decorative rocks, or even a dish towel if the gift is for a bridal shower or a bath rug, for someone who is moving to her first apartment. Everything in the basket, except perhaps for the actual flowers, can have a long-term functional purpose. The recipient will get a lot of bang from your buck because you have provided items that she will keep using and using.

A great flower basket gift for a recent graduate would include roses, indicative of a rosy future placed in a coffee mug that can actually be used. Toss into the gift basket all those things that the graduate is going to need at college when it comes to washing his own clothing, perhaps for the first time: a laundry bag personalized with his name, instructions on how to do laundry, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, a roll of quarters and, of course, a card that will make him smile. The basket, if large enough, can serve as his laundry basket.

You can expand on the rose theme if the graduate is a female by also including soaps, body washes, body scrubs, shampoo and anything else that has a rose scent and to pamper her.

Let your imagination go wild. You could be really exotic and sprinkle flower buds on the bottom of the basket. The recipient will not see them until she removes all of the contents but she will probably get a whiff of them ahead of time. The more inventive you are, the bigger and longer lasting the impression your gift is going to make and the more usage the recipient will get out of its contents.

A flower gift basket gift can be a real treasure trove. The flowers will be the centerpiece and the first thing to catch the eye, but the montage of contents will captivate the recipient, who will be eager to see what else is in the flower gift basket.

How to make flower gift baskets By Cindi Pearce

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