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Types Of Flowers

Flower is the integral part of any kind of celebration. Home décor, on Mother's day, Easter, Christmas, or on any other occasion cannot be complete without different types of flowers. Flower is something more than barely decorative elements. From time immemorial flower is being used as the expression of love and other feelings lurking inside one's mind. A bouquet made by assembling different types of flowers can carry the message.

Nice bouquets can be prepared from different types of flowers or with Florists often use a wide variety of flowers when creating a flower arrangement. Usually, a bouquet comprises of the main blooms of which the bouquet is intended to make. Different assortment of flowers is used to accent the main flowers. Due to long experience of assembling different kinds of fresh flowers florists know which filler flowers will look good with the bouquet of which main bloom.

Here is a list by Theydeserveit of different types of flowers that signifies a particular characteristic of people or those are selected for a person with that king of character or feature.

  • Alstroemeriais the symbol of friendship.
  • Amaryllis signifies splendid beauty.
  • Anemone is used to signify anticipation.
  • Anthurium marks Hospitality. That is why it is a nice idea to keep Anthuriums in your drawing room or guest room.
  • Aster is the symbol of Patience.
  • A bird of Paradise is a nice flower with its petals spread towards sky featuring Joyfulness.
  • Bouvardia is the symbol of unending enthusiasm.
  • Carnation marks pride and beauty.
  • Chrysanthemum embodies fidelity.
  • Daffodil signifies chivalry.
  • Freesia is the symbol of Innocence.
  • Gladiolus reflects strength of character.
  • Heather shows admiration.
  • Lilac is the symbol of youthful and energetic innocence.
  • Lily marks majesty.
  • Rose is unmistakably the reflection of love.
  • Protea, King suits bold and daring people.
  • Snapdragon reflects desire.
  • Sunflower is the symbol of pure thoughts.
  • Sweet Pea marks delicate pleasure.
  • Tulip declares love.
Over the time people have evolved newer and better ways of home décor than flowers. People have always been on the look out for means to decorate home or office in a way that the beauty of fresh flowers can mesmerize the onlookers but that beauty never dies. It was difficult to find out flowers that are beautiful but does not get withered. Anything that is natural is bound to die. That is why it is said that beauty is transient. But the beauty of artificial flowers is not transient.

Artificial flowers can be made of silk or any other fabric. Clay, China clay, ceramics, and many other, materials are also used for making flowers. An expert artisan can make these flowers speak and express the feelings of the flower gift giver or the mental condition of the recipient. Theydeserveit provides its readers with ample information on Types Of Flowers. To know more about the origin of the art of making artificial flowers and the materials used in making those browse through the pages on Theydeserveit.

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