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Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers Wedding Flowers Wedding Flowers
Flowers and weddings make for a perfect combination of celebration with elegance. Wedding is the bringing together of two souls for their entire lives. In fact, with a wedding not only are two individuals joined in a never breaking bond but also their families are joined together. May be that is the reason that weddings are celebrated with great enthusiasm in all the parts of the world. And flowers form an integral part of these celebrations.

Wedding flowers need to be of special kind and florists are often called on to make every aspect of the wedding flowers perfect. . There are so many different kinds of flower bouquets having different varieties of flowers with different colors. Though people usually link white flowers with the bride but in some religions white color is not considered suitable to be attached with the wedding. There are basically two kinds of bridal bouquet. One is to be held in hands while the other is to be held across the arms.

Here we provide you with three basic wedding bouquet designs:

The Cascade Bouquet
This kind of wedding bouquet is considered to be both traditional and formal in comparison to any other wedding bouquet design. The waterfall effect is used to build the image of the wedding bouquet. In such a kind of design there is a tendency to use white flowers merged with greenery and an effort is made to create the effect of cascade of loosely held flowers down the front of the bride's gown. Florists usually use white roses and lilies while creating such a wedding bouquet.

The Hand-Tied Or Loose-Tied Bouquet
This wedding bouquet design is used in an informal manner. This wedding bouquet design has grown more popular in comparison to the other two wedding bouquet designs As in this design the stems of the flowers are shown which convey the greenery of the garden, thus giving the bouquet a casual look. The flowers are tied around the stems using ribbon or lace. The florists often choose flowers like roses and sweet peas thus giving a beautiful look to the wedding bouquet.

The Round Cluster Bouquet
Also known as the Nosegay, this wedding bouquet is round and smaller than the other two wedding bouquets. This bouquet is made up of a tight bundle of flowers and very little greenery. Normally mixed kinds of flowers are used in this bouquet both in color and variety. The flowers generally used in this kind of bouquet are roses, gerberas, freesia, asters and monte casino.

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