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Wild Flower Presents

Birthday Flowers Birthday Flowers Birthday Flowers

Wild Flower Gifts

Flowers are the perfect gift option, be it for your girlfriend, your wife, your mother or any other loved one.  Flowers are one of the most popular gifts that can be given irrespective of the occasion. However, instead of conventional flowers like lilies, roses and tulips you can give wild flower gifts to your loved ones.

There are varied wild flower gifts in the market, thereby offering you a wide range of options to choose from. Some of the wild flowers that you can select include golden alexander, anemone, bellflower, aster sericeus, blue vervain, alum root and blue-eyed grass. One of the most popular and common wild flower is the violet, which is available in different varieties such as long-spurred violets, Canada violet, birdsfoot violet and downy yellow violet. With so many varieties of violet available, you can mixand match in order to to make for a beautiful bouquet. Moreover, violets add extra fragrance and a beautiful touch to the bouquet, thereby making it perfect for any special occasion.

Other options that you can use as wild flower gifts include different colored daisies and sunflowers. The white oxeye daisy and the light blue daisy fleabane together make a beautiful combination, and can significantly enhance the beauty of your bouquet. In case you cannot find daisies, you can use asters instead since these closely resemble the daisies. Asters are comparatively smaller in size and are available in an assortment of colors. In contrast, if the recipient loves bright colors, you can use woodland sunflower to add life to your flower bouquet. You can make use of other variants of sunflower as well, such as narrow-leaf, ozark tickseed, western and thin-leaved sunflower.

Wild flower gifts are not only elegant and beautiful but are easily available in different colors, fragrances and sizes. Some of the other wild flower species that you can use include orchids, morning glory, goldenrod, daisies, sunflowers, violets, asters and cinquefoil. With such a wide choice available, it can sometimes become confusing to select one amongst the available options. In case you are unable to make up your mind, you can choose a wild flower that matches with the recipient’s favorite color. For instance if the favorite color of the recipient is blue, you can choose daisy fleabane, or if it is yellow then you can choose sunflowers. Whatever wild flower you choose, they always make an ideal gift for every occasion.

On Valentine’s Day, giving wild flower gifts to your loved one is a great idea as it will be different from what your partner would have expected. Gifting a flower bouquet made especially by you will make your gift priceless for the recipient. A bouquet full of vibrantly colored flowers will significantly enhance the visual appeal of your gift. You can use small delicate wild flowers such as freesia, crocosmia or yarrow, along with tall varieties such as sunflowers. To give your bouquet a more finished appearance you can include misty blue limonium, monte casino asters and Queen Anne’s lace, along with some bear grass and asparagus ferns. The effort that you have put in making this bouquet will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

If you find the task of collecting different wild flowers and making a bouquet to be time consuming you can easily purchase it from a professional florist. Add a personal touch to it by accessorizing it with a bow or ribbon, along with a personal message before gifting it.  Such wild flower gifts will enable you to express your love & care, and are ideal gifts for your sweetheart, spouse, friends as well as family members.

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