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Do you know what is the most popular and needed drink in the world? The answer is water, an essential element needed for our existence. Over the centuries, water has been symbolized as an entity required by all of us to stay alive and healthy. "Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water." So from where do

we get the water to drink? Seas are filled with water but not with the drinking-water. Even though there's a plenty of water in the sea you can't drink that because it's full of salt. Who can forget the immortal line by Samuel Coleridge?
"Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink."

Nor can you drink water from a river because it is loaded with germs and wastes. So, from where does proper drinking water flows? From taps, yes our life drink flows from taps on sinks. But, water which is flavorless and boring to drink all the time when mixed with other flavorings result in crowd favorite drinks. Tea, wine, coffee, gin, hard drinks, soft drinks and tonic are all drinks that people have drunk. With the drinks in kettles, the drinks that make you a bit tipsy, the drinks that come from refrigerators to the drinks that can also be the foods, the possibilities of drinks are endless. Given below are some of the popular drinks enjoyed by the masses:

Mixed Drinks
Mixed drinks are usually a mixture of several drinks. You can mix fruit juice of different flavors or blend alcoholic beverages and fruit juices. If you want to be a bit of tipsy, then go for Blakjack. The Blakjack is a cocktail made of Jack Daniel's and coca cola Blak. It is a blend of1 part of Coca-Cola BlaK and1 part of Jack Daniel's. It is served chilled in glass or over ice. An alternative mix can be made with Coke, chilled coffee and Jack Daniel's. In Latin American countries, this cocktail is sometimes known as Whiscola and does not specifically contain Jack Daniel's whiskey.

Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks usually do not contain alcohol. In general, Soft Drinks signify only cold beverages. The term Soft Drink originally referred to carbonated drinks. Soft drinks are manufactured by injecting carbon dioxide into the fluids at a high pressure. Carbon dioxide mixes easily at normal atmospheric pressure, particularly in cold beverages, but the whole process is carried out at high pressure. When the high pressure is released the carbon dioxide comes out of solution forming numerous bubbles and begins releasing the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. The whole process is known as carbonation.

Healthy Drinks
Healthy drinks are easy ways of healthy drinking. These Healthy Drinks are actually fruit drinks loaded with vitamins and minerals. Healthy Drinks are rich in vitamin C and E; they elevate resistance and fight infection. Healthy Drinks are great for snacking and also help one stay strong and fit.

TheyDeserveIt offers extensive information on Healthy Drinks from all over the globe.

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