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Framed Art Pictures

Framed art pictures consist of an array of genres of pictures. It can be the paintings, photographs, murals or frescos . Sometimes even embroidered works are framed and hanged on the walls to give the home décor a kind of novelty. Folk and modern paintings are also done on fabrics and are framed elegantly. What you need to do is to select the best one for your home or office. Even folk art can contribute to do the complete makeover of the room.

Space photographs are the new trend in decorating, especially the office cabins. The photographs can be of galaxies, planets, comets, Milky ways, blue Moon, Nebulas etc. The aerial view of the planets, galaxies and the stars are elegant and mesmerizing. Such photographs of celestial phenomena are found at residential places as well as offices. A few of them are, Titan from Voyager 2 , Helix Nebula, Saturn, Spitzer Helix Nebula, White Ridges on Mars, Candor and Ophir Chasmata, Bow Tie Nebula NGC 2440 , Pinwheel Galaxy, Eagle Nebula ,etc.

Folk art occupies a major part in the world of home décor. Though people plunge deeper into the materialistic world in recent periods, their love for primitive and ethnic art remains intact. The American, Billy Jacobs' Primitive Folk Art is one of the examples of primitive folk art of America. American framed art pictures are even hanged from the walls inside the sky scrapers in New York.

The African Folk Art is marked by the use of bright and loud colors. Sometimes the portraits of the women are exceptionally vulgar and sometimes they replicate the earthly innocence of the village folk. Some of the paintings and photographs show the rejoicing people and the paintings are the document of varied kinds of musical instruments that they use as accompaniments.

The Indian devotional paintings reflect the heart of the devout Indian population, inside out. The way the divine figures are put into the human mould. It is the devout Indians who name their children after the gods and goddesses they worship. Such paintings are done on wood, clothes and papers. The village lives of different parts of the country are reflected on folk paintings as well.

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