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Theydeserveit >> Framed Art >> Framed Folk Art

Framed Folk Art

Genres of Indian folk art sum up the history and civilization of the nation. Different styles of paintings and embroidery frame works found in the different parts of the nation describe their life-style in different ways. The basic chores are almost the same. Only the style of describing it is different. People living in different parts of the country use their distinct forms and materials of painting and

sketching. Varied types of culture in different nooks and corners give birth to innovative ideas in art everyday.

A single state usually has more than one type of culture and art form. For example Bihar , a state in eastern India has the tradition of many different kinds of paintings and embroidery. Madhubani, Warli is only a few examples. Phad and Jodhpuri bear the proof of mastery of the Rajasthan mastery . Thus, framed folk art can be given as nice gifts to all those who love folk art.

The area near Niagara Falls, Natural Bridge and the Hudson Rivers has their own share of natural beauty and pleasant weather that attracts numerous people from around the world to the place. The Landscape paintings, portraits, sculptures of the area describe the history of America from the nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.

The African folk art depicts the humdrum and everyday business of every day life of the down to earth people. These art forms mainly focus on the religious and social life of the ethnic groups living in remote villages and small towns. Starting from a cute handmade basket for gifting little nick-knacks to a dreadful mask wore in their folk festivals. To teach the rules of morality to the young people, African art has a deep impact on the rustic culture of the continent. Most people do the mistake of generalizing the African art all together. Actually different parts of the continent have distinct features of their own. The signature mark of African culture is vibrant colors and geometric cuts. The African framed folk art is the reflection of the life and works of the folks over there. This not only include paintings on paper, but paintings and embroidery works on fabrics as well.

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