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Framed Paintings

The easiest way to decorate rooms is by framed paintings . It reflects the individuality of each person as we are known by our own distinct choices. The first thing that is noticed about anyone is the way how s/he presents himself/herself. Likes and dislikes of a person comes second in line. Nothing depicts the insight of a person better than his/her aesthetic sense .

9th or 10th century BC is the period of ancient Roman art . This productive period in Rome remained through out the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic , and Roman Empire periods. The Roman art in later period reflects the deep impact of the Grecian influx. Roman art included sculpture, painting and, pottery.

The Minoan culture on the island of Crete has a great bearing on the Grecian culture and paintings. The paintings on the walls reflected this influence till around 1700 to 1400. When the Mycenaean's destroyed the castles, miraculously, the wall paintings survived, buried under the debris of the ruin. The frescos on the walls of the Greek palaces mesmerize beholders with both their elegance and usage of colors.

The Indian framed paintings have elegance in themselves. India is the birthplace of several different genres of paintings. The field is embellished with the renowned artists like, Ravi Varma and Jamini Roy. The Tanjor paintings and the floral motifs of Mysore bear the mark of ' raw Indian art' which emit the essence of an age old culture.

Apart from these Rajput paintings, Devotional paintings, Pahari Miniatures, Jain Muth paintings, North Indian paintings, Orisa Patta, Jaipur paintings, Mughal paintings are some other examples of the Indian framed paintings .

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