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Theydeserveit >> Framed Art >> Modern Framed Art

Modern Framed Art

The two major genres of modern framed art are " Baroque " and " Collage ". Theydeserveit tries to focus specifically on these two genres.

The elements of Baroque paintings are found in Marie de Medici of Peter Paul Rubens. The painting is kept inside the Luxembourg Palace in Paris. The painting features a Catholic painter and a Catholic patron.

The Baroque was devised to bring subjects like, handling of paint, iconography, monarchy, composition and depiction of space and movement to the public eye.

The Italian baroque paintings got matured in the hands of Caravaggio and Cortona. Both of them tried to focus on " emotive dynamism ". But the approaches of both are markedly different from each other. Bernini's Saint Theresa is another example of exquisite Baroque art. This is the pride of Cornaro chapel in Santa Maria della Vittoria.

Baroque art style paved way for quite a decorative Rococo that is nothing but a more polished version of Baroque.

Aother genre of modern framed art is collage. Pablo Picasso is regarded as the initiator of collage art in oil paintings . He even pasted a piece of oil cloth with a chair cane.

Surrealist artists used collage indiscriminately. Cubomania is a type of collage in which the image is cut out into squares which are rearranged either in the proper way or at random. The style of the surrealist collage was named as Inimage by René Passerson . In this style of painting some parts of an existing image are cut away to make another image visible.

Collages can be designed by different means. Genovese invented the excavation collage . This is basically layering the printed images that are loosely attached to the corners of the picture. The images are tore away into small pieces. The upper layer is partly tore to make the pictures peep from inside. This way it reveals a new collage made of images. Penelope Rosemont introduced the methods of prehensilhouette, surrealist collage and of course the landscape.

Collage used to be very frequently regarded as the twentieth century art form. The other surrealist collage devices such as, Parallel Collage involve different techniques of collage designing.

Canvas collage involves the application of glue. Individually painted patches of canvases are pasted to the surface of the main canvas. British artist John Walker is a master of this art. By the late 1970s canvas collage was already a vital part of the modern framed art . Mixed media works of American artist Jane Frank also involved this style by the early 1960s. Lee Krasner also very often spoilt plenty of her paintings by cutting those into pieces. These pieces were used to create totally new works of art by rearranging those pieces to form new collages.

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