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TheyDeserveIt >> Gift Ideas >> Anniversary Gift Ideas >> Eightieth Anniversary Gifts

Eightieth Anniversary Gifts


It is certainly a day to be proud of. After all, completing 80 years of togetherness is an achievement in itself. Just looking back at the previous years do remind you both the moments you shared, standing by each other through highs and lows of life, those days of courtship and seeing each other grow wiser. Today, as you mark 80 years of togetherness, eightieth anniversary gifts have to be extremely special. While choosing them, it has to be taken care, that the gifts are contemporary with a traditional touch.

The eightieth anniversary would usually be celebrated by the children or the grandchildren of the couple. It is therefore their responsibility to take initiative to find out what their parent or grandparents would like as gifts. Eightieth anniversary gifts specially constitute Oak as an ideal option. The reason of giving oak gifts on the 80th anniversary is that it conveys that the bond of love is stronger than Oakwood. You could opt for gifting furniture made out of Oakwood to your parents or grandparents.

The best way to figure out the appropriate Eightieth anniversary gifts for the couple would be to ask them discreetly as to what they would like to gift to each other on this occasion. Since the couple would be too old to buy anything themselves you could get the gifts they desire which they gift each other on the eightieth anniversary.

Apart from this you can also organize a party where you can invite the friends of the old couple. Such a gift will make them extremely happy as they catch on old times with their friends. You could make this occasion even grand special by organizing it a grand setup; you could invite the same people who actually attended their wedding 80 years ago, keep the theme and location similar to what it was eighty years ago but somewhat contemporary. The people will be same except for grey hair. The kids who attended wedding will presently be having kids of their own. Induce plenty of flower arrangements depending on the season and likings of the couple. In short, plan a second wedding for your parents/grandparents. The whole gathering will give everybody a wonderful and unique experience and would be the perfect Eightieth anniversary gift for the couple. It will definitely provide an innovative and unique experience to them. They, as a couple, will feel the world is celebrating with them.

There are plenty of other options as well to choose from when deciding upon an appropriate eightieth anniversary gift. As the children or the grandchildren of the couple who just marked their 80th anniversary, then as eightieth anniversary gifts, you can gift them a photo album of their photos of different occasions compiled together. This is sure to bring a smile to their faces as they reminisce the old times spent together.

Other options for giving eightieth anniversary gifts can include a beautiful pill box for your granny so that she may keep her medicines there. She can easily arrange her daily dose of medicines in the beautiful box. Also, you can gift your granny an elegant neckpiece.

For your grandfather, you can gift him a nice and contemporary hat which can be worn on multiple occasions as it will enhance his personality and add an elegant glamour.

The occasion of an eightieth anniversary comes by rarely in the lives of a married couple. This is why such an occasion needs to be celebrated keeping in mind the preferences of your parents or grandparents. The best eightieth anniversary gift you can give is that of your company which will give them immense happiness.