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Gold 50th Anniversary Gifts

Fiftieth Anniversary Gold Gifts

A wedding anniversary is a celebration of togetherness, for the couple as well as for their family and friends. Fiftieth wedding anniversary is also known as the golden anniversary and what better way to mark the occasion with fiftieth anniversary gold gifts. It is a special occasion for celebrating half a century of togetherness as well as for cherishing each and every moment spent with each other.

It is not often that one hears about couples celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary, and hence this special occasion calls for a lavish celebration. In case you, or any of your friends, is completing fifty years of marriage then there are many ways of celebrating this occassion. A special way of celebrating this occasion is by choosing from any of the fiftieth anniversary gold gifts ideas.

A unique fiftieth anniversary gold gifts idea is to throw a fiftieth anniversary party with a gold theme.
For this you can decide on gold decor, cuttlery, gold jewelry and golden Chardonnay wine, among others; the basic idea is to keep it simple and "gold". You can either throw such a party for your own fiftieth anniversary or for your friend, who is celebrating fifty years of marital bliss. All the family members and close members of the happy couple can be invited to such a themed party to make it even more memorable and cherishable.

In case it is your fiftieth wedding anniversary and you wish to celebrate it only with your wife then you can plan a dinner in her favorite restaurant. You can order her favorite dishes, wine, music and gift her a gold jewelry set to mark the occasion. A gold jewelry gift, along with a memorable time in her favorite restaurant is sure to make this spacial occassion even more memorable for your wife.

Depending upon the prefernce of your partner and your budget you can choose from varied fiftieth anniversary gold gifts, such as pendants, necklaces, braceletes, earrings or rings. Moreover, you do not have to stick to the traditional yellow gold jewelry, you can choose jewelry in white gold as well. Apart from jewelry, there are other options as well such as gifting your partner's favourite flower, which is made up of gold. These flowers will always stay the same and will not wither away like real ones. Hence if your wife loves roses then you can gift her gold roses and can also add a personal message appearing on the petals of the rose. 

A wish tree in gold having pictures of the couple is one of the most popular and classic fiftieth anniversary gold gifts. The photographs can depict the happy times spent by the couple over the years, thereby making the gift even more memorable. You can even gift a gold photo frame with their wedding day picture. If you wish to add a personal touch to your gift, you can gift a beautiful gold plated momento with engraved wishes for the couple. Any personal gift given to the couple reflects the special effort that goes into selecting it. Such a special effort will definitely be acknowledged by the couple and they will cherish your gift for a long time to come.

Generally, selecting gifts can be overwhelming, but with so many fiftieth anniversary gold gifts ideas it is easy to do so. Depending on the recipient's choice as well as your preference and budget you can accordingly choose a gift. However, irrespective of what you wish to gift the lucky couple, just make sure that you gift wrap it with your love and care, which will make it more special.