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TheyDeserveIt >> Gift Ideas >> Anniversary Gift Ideas >> Fiftieth Anniversary Violets

50th Anniversary Violet Flowers

Fiftieth Anniversary Violet Flowers

Fiftieth wedding anniversary, also known as the golden anniversary, symbolizes fifty years of love, bonding and togetherness of a couple. It is not every day that one hears about a couple celebrating fifty years of marriage. This momentous and joyous occasion calls for a celebration, with friends and family. Since it is a special day for the couple, you should gift them something special such as fiftieth anniversary violet flowers. Violet are the flowers associated with fiftieth wedding anniversaries and can be gifted to the lucky couple on this special day.

Flowers have been a symbol of love, devotion as well as commitment, and have been a popular gift given to a beloved. These are simple and elegant, and can effectively expresses your deepest emotions towards your loved ones. Each flower symbolizes a special meaning and hence you must wisely choose the flower you wish to gift to your beloved.
Fiftieth anniversary violet flowers symbolize innocent love, commitment, faithfulness, virtue and humility, which are vital for any relationship. It is said that on the day Josephine married Napolean she wore a string of beautiful violets and on their subsequent wedding anniversaries Napolean gifted her violet bouquet.

Violets are strikingly beautiful flowers which are generally available in purple color; however these are other colors as well, such as blue and white. Purple violet symbolizes simplicity and modesty, blue violets expresses honesty & faithfulness, whereas white violets symbolize simplicity. Whichever is your partner's favorite color, you can gift that  fiftieth anniversary violet flowers bouquet on the occassion of his/her fiftieth wedding anniversary.

In case you are the lucky person celebrating your fiftieth wedding anniversary, you should gift your wife something which is as special as she is to you. You can consider giving her a beautiful fiftieth anniversary violet flowers bouquet. You can surprise her by showing your creativity and by giving her a hand made bouquet. You can easily make a beautiful bouquet, all you need to do is put in some time and effort. Get some beautiful violet flowers, club them together, tie them with a pretty ribbon and also put an attractive bow to further beautify the arrangement. Attach a note to the bouquet to express your feelings and love for her. Your sweet gesture will definitely bring a smile on her face, even if your bouquet is not perfect as the one bought from a professional florist.

If it is your parent's or grand parent's fiftieth anniversary and you do not wish to gift fiftieth anniversary violet flowers bouquet, you can host a party which has violet as its theme. You can use purple violet flower color as the theme of the party and accordingly make all the arrangements. Do all the decoartions in purple, including purple color decor, centrepieces, balloons and cuttlery. You can even use violet flower bouquets for decoration or strewn violet flowers on the floor. Send invites to the guests, mentioning about the theme and asking them to wear purple color outfits. There are edible violet flowers as well such as the Candied violet flower, which can be used to garnish fruits, cakes and pastries. You can also gift 'Creme de Violette', which a liqueur prepared using violets.

Apart from the  fiftieth anniversary violet flowers, you can also gift yellow roses which have been traditionally associated with golden wedding anniversaries. Yellow roses are the traditional gift for this momentous day, and symbolize the inner light and beauty of an enduring union. You can gift a bouquet made of these two pretty flowers to the couple celebrating half century of marriage. Whether you decide to gift a bouquet made of violets only or violets and yellow roses, it will effectively profess your love, care and concern for the couple.