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Fourteenth Anniversary Gifts

Fourteenth Anniversary Gifts

You have completed yet another year together and it is time to celebrate the day of your union for the fourteenth time. Giving gifts to your spouse on the day of your marriage is the best way to acknowledge the love & support he/she has provided you all these years. Therefore, the gift to your partner on your fourteenth anniversary should be as special as the occasion itself.  items would be an excellent choice for gifts on your fourteenth anniversary.

Gifts are the perfect way to express your true emotions; therefore, in order to put forth you heartfelt emotions you should gift something as precious as your love to your spouse on your anniversary. Even though fourteenth anniversary gifts may be a little expensive, however your partner who has stood by your side all these years would deserve it.

The market is full of a wide variety of gift options. For your wife you could go in for pieces of jewelry such as bangles, pendants or earrings. You could also go in for a jewelry box which would definitely bring a smile on her face. Apart from these you could also gift her, a bracelet with her name carved on it. A personal touch added to your gift is sure to touch her heart and make her fall in love with you all over again; and would make for the perfect fourteenth anniversary gift

If you wish to celebrate the occasion in a grand manner, then you can throw a theme party, where the theme would be related to your special gift . You could get the décor done in off white color and the same would go for the dress code. A party like this is sure to make your fourteenth anniversary a memorable event.

If you feel a certain gift is a little out of your reach you would still like to keep up with the tradition of giving an ivory gift to your spouse then there is a good option for you. A species of hard nut known as ‘Ivory Nut Palm’ is fast gaining popularity these days as a substitute for .

For your husband a good fourteenth anniversary gift can be a chess set. You could spend some quality time with your husband playing chess on a lazy afternoon. Even if you are not fond of playing chess even then such a gift can enhance the décor of your house.  Apart from this there are various other decorative  pieces available in the market that you can gift to your spouse or friends who are about to celebrate their fourteenth anniversary. These items include decorative figurines, daggers with handles, wall hangings etc.

Fourteenth anniversary gifts can be personalized as well. For instance, you could go in for a photo-frame with either the names of the couple or a personal message of love carved on it. The recipient of such a personal gift is sure to love and cherish it for a long time to come.  is a rare element, which is what makes it a perfect gift option for special occasions.

In fourteen years of time you would be well aware of your partner’s preferences. Therefore, picking out a fourteenth anniversary gift would not be a difficult option. However, you must remember that more than a precious gift it is the love and affection of your partner that matters the most. Therefore a mere whisper of the three golden words “I love you” would make the world go round for your spouse.