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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Anniversary Gift Ideas >> Fourth Anniversary Gifts

Fourth Anniversary Gifts


How good it feels reaching the same date which actually marks the beginning of a special bonding between two people. For a couple, touching their fourth anniversary is like reaching another milestone of mutual trust, care, cooperation and most important of all, love and affection between them.

p>Generally, fourth anniversary gifts constitute Linen. However, there are plenty of wonderful options available nowadays that would make for fourth anniversary gifts. If you are looking out for buying a gift for your boyfriend/husband, you could go in for some nice cotton shirts, satin ties, cufflinks etc; and if he is a sports enthusiast you could gift him a baseball bat or a golf bag depending on his taste.
< You can further have this gift customized by getting your partner’s name engraved on it.

Linen is also a good option as gift. You could gift a linen item to your wife which will not only bring a smile on her face but enhance the look of your house as well. Linen gifts could be in the form of a linen table cloth, nice linen bed sheet or even linen curtains.

For your husband you could make the occasion special for him by cooking him a sumptuous meal. If you like being playful, you can also create a gift basket fill it with slips containing messages of love like “kiss me” or “hug me” and spend the evening in a romantic manner dancing away to the tune of some romantic track.

If you are confused about what to gift your ladylove, here is some help. The most classy and contemporary fourth anniversary gifts for women can be a huge bunch of assorted flowers, love messages in a bottle, perfume, heart shaped diamond pendant, a designer evening dress or a sexy lingerie. All these are guaranteed to bring a nice smile on her beautiful face. To make it more personalized, wake her up in the morning for a nice bed tea along with toasts, while she sips, sing her a love poem written by you. Don’t be embarrassed if the lines are not in sync, she will love the mistakes. Try to spend the day shopping with her as women love it. Follow it up with a nice candle lit dinner. You can also swing and dance together on some romantic numbers. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned to make her happy and tell her that you love her immensely.

To celebrate this special day together, fourth anniversary gifts can also be in the form of a vacation to an exotic beach or any other place of your choice. You could go on a second honeymoon to wipe off any dust that has accumulated on your love over the past four years. Another good option for a fourth anniversary gift can be a collection of rare photos of the two of you compiled in an album or scrapbook. These photographs could be of your courtship period or your honeymoon.

By celebrating your anniversary you would be giving the proof that how happy you partner has made you over the past four years. You need to remember that the bets gift of all is your love & affection for your partner. Therefore, if you truly love your partner, whatever gift you give from your heart will be truly loved & cherished by your spouse.

Along with fourth anniversary gifts, saying those three magical words “I Love You” or just saying “Baby, You complete me” will surely sweep your partner off his/her feet. On your anniversary, rekindle the spirit of passion and fall in love with your partner all over again.