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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Anniversary Gift Ideas >> Seventeenth Anniversary Gifts

Seventeenth Anniversary Gifts

Seventeenth Anniversary Gifts

It’s been seventeen years since you started your beautiful journey as a couple, and you want to celebrate it king-size and surprise your partner. All through these years you must have given all sorts of anniversary gifts to your partner and now you must be running out of choices. However, there are still plenty of good ideas that you can resort to for surprising your spouse on your seventeenth anniversary.

Furniture is a good option for a seventeenth anniversary gift. For women, an ideal seventeenth anniversary gift would be a nice wooden makeup box or a new dressing table altogether. If you can afford to be a little extravagant, you can even go in for a complete change of décor for your living room. Buying a love-seat (a reclining sofa with just enough space for two people to sit) will show her how romantic you can be even after seventeen years. 6/27/2011

And if your sofa seats or mattresses are sagging, you could replace those with something trendy. A brand new closet for her clothes, with some new dresses in it, will show how thoughtful you can be.

Picking a seventeenth anniversary gift for the man is the easiest task in the world. There is nothing a man wants more than an in-the-home bar, so putting up a small bar, to be placed in a corner or in the basement would gladden his heart. You may also want to think about giving him a new worktable with drawers, installed table lamps, and a section for a phone, complemented with a revolving chair. If he is a sports fan, he would really enjoy a barcalounger on the day of that big game in front of the TV, and you will be blushing when he tells his friends that you were the one who gifted him the recliner. Another innovative gift could be a foosball table or perhaps even a pool table in you garage.

Apart from furniture, you can go for various other seventeenth anniversary gift options. After seventeen years of marriage you would be well aware of each other’s tastes & preferences. So, by being a little creative you could combine the preference of your partner along with a personal touch to your gift and turn it into the most memorable gift he/she would have ever received.

A special way to celebrate your seventeenth anniversary would be to organize a small party at your home with your children, so that when your husband gets back from work he is in for a surprise. Another way to do this could be by taking your wife out for a romantic dinner. These would make for memorable seventeenth anniversary gift options.

Some other good options for seventeenth anniversary gifts can also include clothes, gadgets, watches, jewelry, accessories, home décor or utility items and even upholstery. Such gifts can be given to your friends as well who are celebrating their seventeenth year together. A picture of the couple set in a beautiful crystal or a ceramic frame, with their names engraved or imprinted on it would make for the perfect seventeenth anniversary gift.

Having spent seventeen years together only goes to show how strong the bond of love is between the two of you. Despite all the bad times, fights and differences you stood by each other’s side, giving love and support to each other. Having secured a house and raised a family goes to show that you lead a blissful married life. Therefore, with so much of love and understanding between the two the gift that surpasses all others would be the gift of togetherness that you share with each other.