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Seventh Anniversary Gifts

Seventh Anniversary Gifts

An anniversary is considered as an occasion to commemorate the memories of the past, joys of present and hopes for the future. This is the occasion when couples remember the day they took their wedding vows and swore to stand by each other during good & bad times.  

With the passing years the commitment and the bond between the couple gets stronger and deeper. This is why every anniversary should be celebrated by the couple with as much enthusiasm as the earlier ones; you could celebrate your wedding in a grand manner with your friends & family or privately with your spouse. One of the most important elements for celebrating an anniversary is exchanging gifts and after seven years of marriage it is essential that you gift your partner something that displays your love, affection and commitment towards him/her.

To find the perfect seventh anniversary gifts for your partner can be a bit of a task.

So we are here to reduce your burden a bit by giving you few ideas about seventh anniversary gifts. The whole purpose of the gifts is to make the occasion memorable.

Every gift in itself speaks volumes about your feelings for the other person. You can effortlessly show your feelings for your loved ones without giving outrageously expensive presents; all you need to do is to present something which completely expresses your feelings for your near & dear ones. Always remember it is not the price that matters, it is the fact that you care which matters.

After having spent seven years together, looking out for each other, taking care of the family, bringing up your kids, the two of you definitely deserve a break. Therefore, a perfect seventh anniversary gift could be a nice week long vacation. You could plan a trip to an exotic beach or perhaps book a villa in the hills. There would be no better way to celebrate your seventh anniversary by going on a second honeymoon with your spouse.

Traditionally, you can go for hand-made woolen-wear to add that personal touch to your seventh anniversary gifts.  You can surprise your wife with a nice warm sweater or scarf if your anniversary comes during winter months. Presenting a beautiful flower vase to your wife will symbolize that you acknowledge the love and patience that she has invested.

If you are planning for some jewellery, you can surprise your wife with some exquisite onyx or yellow sapphire pendants, earnings, necklaces or rings.

Presenting flowers is always a wonderful option; so to make your seventh anniversary even more special you can opt for ‘Jack-in-the-pulpit’, a beautiful wild flower that blooms in spring in moist areas in the woods. A bouquet of Jack-in-the-pulpit is unusual but gorgeous and is considered as a traditional flower which can express your feelings in the best manner on your seventh anniversary.

For your husband, after having spent seven years together you would be well aware of his taste; so on your seventh anniversary you can surprise your husband by gifting him something he would least expect. You could gift him a bottle of his favorite liquor, or a cell-phone he has been longing to buy. Apart from this you could also opt for a designer shirt of his favorite brand or perhaps even a designer watch.  

You can also go for gifts to enhance indoor & outdoor living such as wind chimes. With every gentle breeze these chimes produce such a soothing sound that can relax your spirit and nurture your soul.

So now you have got whole lot of ideas to choose from and come up with great anniversary gifts for your seventh year of wedding.