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TheyDeserveIt >> Gift Ideas >> Anniversary Gift Ideas >> Seventieth Anniversary Gifts

Seventieth Anniversary Gifts

Seventieth Anniversary Gifts

There are very few couples in this world who would get the opportunity to celebrate their seventieth year of marriage. Spending seventy years together is indeed an accomplishment in itself. It is the living example of what true love is all about. Young couples could take a learning from the old pair on how to go about their marriage, loving & taking care of each other, settling their differences and making lives better for each other.

On such a rare occasion the gifts too have to be exclusive. The old couple may not be able to celebrate this occasion. Therefore it becomes the duty of their children or perhaps their grandchildren to turn this day into a special occasion for the aged couple. The old couple has spent seventy years together, living, loving and growing with each other, understanding each other’s needs; and as the years have gone by they have developed a good understanding of what marriage is all about. They can impart valuable advise to young lovers who have or are about to start their married lives.

There are some nice seventieth anniversary gift options that one can choose from. Since the old couple may not be able to buy something for themselves it becomes the responsibility of their children or grandchildren to get them something exclusive.

One good idea for a seventieth anniversary gift could be a compilation of all the old photographs put together in a beautiful photo album; they could reminisce for hours looking at the old pictures and thinking about all the beautiful moments they shared with each other. Another good idea can also be a pair of walking sticks for the couple.

You could even arrange a gathering, inviting all the relatives and old friends. This would make for the perfect seventieth anniversary gift for the old couple who will bless you for your thoughtful gesture.

Commonwealth countries send a letter of congratulations to those who have been in union for seventy years. You could simply notify the national authorities who would send their regards in a letter; this would indeed be a unique seventieth anniversary gift.

Another good seventieth anniversary gift can be a copy of the couple’s wedding card. It will be really hard to find a copy after all these years, but would really mean a lot to the old pair and will be overwhelmed to see that wedding invitation printed seventy years ago. This would be the perfect nostalgic gift.

A new overcoat, muffler or a shawl are some other good ideas for seventieth anniversary gifts. Apart from these, if their health allows taking the old couple to a serene destination where they can relax and enjoy each other’s company would also be a good idea.      

For the couple who is celebrating their seventieth anniversary they would not really be interested in a gift. The greatest gift of all for any parent would be the love & care their children provide them. Therefore, more than anything materialistic, it is your company that will make them happy. Hence, in order to make their seventieth anniversary memorable you could simply spend a day with them listening to what they have to say. This is essentially what all old couples want; the company of their children.

Hence, even if you are unable to find a suitable gift for the old couple; by simply spending some time with them would be the greatest gift of all. So go ahead and make your parent’s or grandparent’s seventieth a memorable one by spending some quality time with them and by telling them how much they mean to you.