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TheyDeserveIt >> Gift Ideas >> Anniversary Gift Ideas >> Seventy Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Seventy Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Seventy Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Seventy five years mark the platinum jubilee of a couple. Seventy fifth anniversary celebrations are essentially undertaken by the children and grand children, which in itself is a very gratifying gift for a couple celebrating the seventy fifth milestone of their marriage. For a couple celebrating their seventy fifth anniversary, the biggest pleasure for them is the company of their family than any other expensive gift given to them.

The traditional seventy fifth anniversary gifts can be like memoirs of their life with each other and their family. Therefore, an ideal seventy fifth anniversary gift could be a grand family party organized by the couple’s children & grandchildren.  The party can be embellished with the couple’s favorite cuisine and a suitable theme for the event.

Another option for a heart warming gift which can be bestowed on the couple in the honor of being the ideal couple ever could be the gift of “Name a Star”.  This is a symbolic gift of love, where one can get in touch with the Intergalactic Star Database in United Kingdom where they will assign a name of your choice to a star. So if you are opting for a gift like this, then a good idea is organizing a house party, followed by the arrangement of setting up a telescope at home so that the happy couple can view the star named after them.

Some other seventy fifth anniversary gift options can be crystal flowers or white flowers with glitter or diamonds. White flowers with shimmer can also ideal options for the special occasion.

Modern gifting ideas for the seventy fifth anniversary gifts can be items of gold. So another idea can be a complete family picture in a golden frame studded with crystals or gemstones. Apart from this, customized jewellery with pictures and engraved names of the couple also makes for an excellent seventy fifth anniversary gift.
Another good option for a gift for the couple could be a quilt with pictures of the couple’s moment together. Though, it can be a time consuming task to compile these pictures but it will certainly be worth the smile on the face of that happy couple as they behold the gift.

There is no denying the fact that the couple will have aged by their seventy fifth anniversary and will be requiring medical aid frequently. So for aged couples living alone an innovative gift can be a gold medical emergency bracelet. Though rare but there can be couples who have still kept themselves fit enough to be independent.

For a lively couple like this, an ideal gift can be a cruise to their favorite place. The children can accompany their parents for this trip to make it a more memorable experience.

Essentially when considering seventy fifth anniversary gifts the thing to be kept in mind is that all their life the couple took care of their children and then their grand children; it is now time for them to receive some amount of that joy for themselves. A couple celebrating their seventy fifth anniversary has given gifts all their lives to children and then their grand children and then even their great grand children.

seventy fifth anniversary is a rare occasion; therefore such an occasion should be made extra special for the couple who stood by each other through the test of time, facing the ups & downs of life with their love for each other only growing stronger, as time went by. Therefore, if your parents or grandparent are celebrating their seventy fifth anniversary; the most precious gift for them would be the gift of your company.