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Third Anniversary Gifts

Third Anniversary Gifts

Moving on in life with a friendly shoulder to lean on comes as an added advantage when you have to face the world. An anniversary marks a milestone in this very journey. Your third year with your partner is indeed an occasion worth a grand celebration. For a special third anniversary gift you can choose from a number of gift options available in the market.
Contemplating on the third anniversary gifts for your wife, if you choose to go with leather, the options are leather jackets, gloves, purses or even scrapbooks. Since women are particularly selective about their preferences, it is advisable to know your wife or girlfriend’s taste.

Giving a gift to your beloved in accordance to her taste would not only reflect your true emotions for her but show how well you understand her.

As a good husband or boyfriend you should always keep in mind that women love jewelry. Therefore gifting jewelry on your third anniversary would be a good choice. You could further surprise your beloved by taking her out for a romantic dinner or on a holiday to a place of her choice.

Though, this could be a little expensive but you could also choose to take your wife or girlfriend out for shopping; since this is one activity almost all women love to indulge in. The money spent on such a gift would all be worth it when you see that smile on the face of your special lady.

Choosing third anniversary gifts for your husband or boyfriend can be a challenging task as the choices to choose from, are rather limited. While women appreciate gifts that are one of a kind and completely different form their wardrobe, men on the other hand appreciate an accessory that they can match their wardrobe.

If you wish to make your third anniversary extra special for your husband or boyfriend you could cook a special meal of his choice and organize a romantic dinner at home itself. Such a gift will definitely leave an impact on your partner considering all the effort you put in to make the evening, a date to remember.

A couple living together can also think about buying something that beautifies their living space. Among the modern third anniversary gifts, both crystal and glass are good choices; since both have a beautifying element of their own. Hanging a prism in a window can have you waking up to a beautiful day with a rainbow in your very room. Crystal figurines in the shape of your wife’s favorite animal or signifying a mutual memory can be a memorable gift. A crystal keychain with an engraved message would serve as a small yet powerful reminder of your affection.

If your friends are celebrating their third anniversary then you have a variety of options to choose from like watches, electronic items, kitchen appliances or decorative pieces. You could also present the couple a customized gift like a photo frame with their picture and a message written on it. A gift like this will be well appreciated by the couple and prove to the concern and affection you have for them.

A third anniversary is an indicator of a beautiful journey yet to be undertaken. It is an opportunity to express your affection and dedication towards the love of your life.

Despite all the options that are available in the market, the best gift you can give to your partner would be the gift of your undying love and support; and in order to show your affection, you should celebrate every occasion to keep the flame of love burning throughout the rest of your lives.