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TheyDeserveIt >> Gift Ideas >> Anniversary Gift Ideas >> Thirty Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Thirty Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Thirty Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Thirty five years in a successful marriage highlight the fact that you and your partner stood by each other through the thick and thin of life. Thirty five years of marriage demands a celebration which encompasses a reminder of all those beautiful years together as well as all the years in waiting.

Some great thirty fifth anniversary gifts for your wife can include sparkling coral jewellery. Before buying jewellery, it would be advisable for you to go through your wife’s collection to check the kind of patterns she likes to wear or the kind you think would look good on her. Corals come in varied colors and shapes. Go for the color that will best compliment your wife’s complexion.With a little sobering in age, women tend to go towards more refined and merged colors than striking combinations. So the thing to be kept in mind is her choice of designs, so as to buy something in accordance to your wife’s changing preferences.

You can however surprise your wife with a beautiful pair of red hanging coral earrings with a note that says that she is still just as young and charming as the first day when you had laid eyes on her.

Corals can also be included as an accessory for you house in the form of candle holders or decorative bowls. Buy your wife a coral candle holder and set it up on the table for a romantic evening or put some rose petals on her bedside in a beautiful coral bowl before she wakes up. If your partner is a reading enthusiast, buy her/him a set of books they have long wanted for a long time

Jade is another good option as a thirty fifth anniversary gift. Jade is a gem which is regarded as a symbol of beauty, goodness and value. It is also known to embody the Confucian virtues of compassion, modesty, courage, wisdom, justice and is also considered a symbol of female erotica. A jade gift can be an ideal way to tell your better half that you still find them just as loving and passionate as in the starting of your marriage. Jade also comes in the form of beautiful jewellery. Jade though is always considered as a green gemstone, it is also found in shades of white, grey, black, yellow, and orange and in delicate violet tones. Surprise your wife with a unique colored jade necklace as an anniversary gift.

Looking for options for the thirty fifth anniversary gifts for your husband, a good option can be a jade chess set. It is an ideal way to spend some quality time with your beloved as well as exercising your mind. If your spouse loves to do gardening as a hobby, then another gift that can signify the strength and growth of your bond together is a baby jade bonsai tree. Easily available, it can remind you everyday of the love and trust in your relationship.

Thirty five years of togetherness proves how much you love each other. Your thirty fifth anniversary proves your loyalty, love, care and understanding that you have for your partner. Such an occasion comes by once in a lifetime in the lives of the married couple which is why it becomes all the more necessary to celebrate it an extra special manner.

The greatest gift of all that your partner has given you is the gift of undying love & commitment; so go ahead and buy your partner something he/she has always had a desire for. This would convey the fact that your love for your partner stands just as strong as it was on the day of your marriage.