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Bartending Gifts and Presents

Bartending Gifts

If you know a friend who happens to be a bartender or likes serving drinks at home, bartending gifts are great presents. Even if you wish to gift something to the bartender you see frequently at your local joint, bartending gifts are ideal. Bartending gifts are perfect solutions if you are confused about what to take for the hostess of the party, you are headed to.

A bucket bar is an inexpensive yet great mini bar and also provides an opportunity for your bartender friend to earn on days-off as well, bartending for small private parties.

A subscription of a good bartending magazine is a nice bartending gift. These magazines have informative articles, pointers and jokes related to bartending. With the subscription, many magazines also provide cocktail books, t-shirts, discounts on barware and other bartender goodies. Such a present is ideal for someone who wishes to hone his or her bartending skills.

A personalized shaker is a creative bartending gift, perfect for a recipient who likes bartending at home. You can also buy your friend an attractive crystal clear glass shaker with his or her name and initials engraved on it. If your recipient likes to collect classic bartending goods, you can gift him a Case 6.5 Bone Stag Bartender’s knife. It is a simple knife with sliver nickel bolsters, inlay shield and a jigged stag handle. Hen & Rooster’s 169BT Bartender Knife is among the popular gifts, which also has a pen, spear, corkscrew and foil blade, along with a white enamel handle & Stanhope lens for added elegance.

A bartending themed T-shirt is among the most enjoyable gifts that you can give to your recipient. These come in various designs, colors and sizes. For instance, you can buy your recipient a t-shirt with a funny bartender joke printed on the front. You can also add a wine glass and a fancy bowtie to accent the T-shirt, which will make your present a perfect bartending gift.

Bar towels are wonderful bartending gifts, especially for those recipients who have their own bars. You can also gift a fancy towel pack which is affordable and perfect for cleaning spills and other mess. If you can get the towels monogrammed with a note, name or initials, these can also serve as personalized gifts. You can also buy vintage bar towels, which are great collectible items as well.

A compact, sturdy and convenient bar tool, corkscrews are practical bartending gifts, as well as must-haves for any bartender. When selecting a corkscrew, try to find one which is ergonomically designed and has metal teeth. It must be able to open wine bottles of all sizes and pull the cork in a matter of seconds.

Bar toolsets are ideal for use at home as these include a citrus knife, strainer, jigger, spoon, cutting board, stand, bottle opener and other bartending utensils. These toolsets are useful bartending gifts and available in various styles & designs to choose from. For instance, if you are looking for sturdier designs, you may consider stainless steel toolsets which are extremely sleek looking.  

Good bartending gifts are not very common items but with effort and patience, it is possible to find some great presents. If you are still unable to find one, consider the internet and begin your search from there.