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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Bartending Gifts >> Beer Mug and Glass Presents

Beer Mug and Glass Gifts

Beer Glasses and Mugs as Gifts

Beer has been a great companion to mankind for a long time now. Over the years, beer has improved and evolved in terms of its variety. Along with the beverage, the way we consume this drink has also undergone a significant change. The ancient vessels used for drinking beer included earthenware, pottery, vessels carved out of wood and even sewn-together pieces of leather. But, with the passage of time, there has been a major improvement in the quality of the beer glasses.

The Europeans created the popular beer steins, which had an enclosed top. However, with the latest and artistically delightful wave of beer glasses, beer steins seem to have lost their popularity. The continuous development of glassware has led to a variety of beer glasses that are ideally suited for every kind of beer.

The most popular choice in the United States is the 16-ounce pint glass, which was originally used to fit the top of a martini shaker.

If you are confused regarding the type of Beer glasses and mugs as gift to purchase for your friends, parents or other relatives, we will provide you with the ideas you need to make an informed choice. In case it is your dear father who is the recipient of this gift, you could go for ornate and expensive glasses or steins, which have gold or silver embossed on its sides. You could also opt for enameled glasses having detailed etchings on the sides that remain one of the most rare beer collectibles. But it might cost you several thousand dollars, so make sure you have evaluated your budget before deciding on this kind of a beer glass.

Beer steins and beer mugs are available in various sizes and shapes to suit the personality of the individual you are giving Beer glasses and mugs as gift. Some are hand-blown in order to bring about a unique design while others are tempered for use with hot or cold beverages. You could also personalize them by incorporating holiday themes, sports themes, monograms or names, thereby making it a special gift special for all those who receive it.

Pilsner shot glasses make for a great wedding party gift as well as a classy best man gift, and are perfect to make a toast for the newly weds. These beer mugs and pilsner glasses can also be personalized by monogramming. Besides, pouring your favorite beer into them could be a great way to kick off a bachelor party. You could also consider buying brewery glasses which are based on different styles including altbier, bock, isar, kölsch, krug, tulip, and weissbier. These would be a perfect option for Beer glasses and mugs as gift. The beer mugs can also be filled with golf balls or cigars for an added aesthetic touch.

With an increase in online gift purchasing, a popular trend of customizing the designs of these beer glasses and mugs has emerged. There are various websites that offer the option of choosing different sizes of Beer glasses and mugs as gift that can be engraved with anything you desire! You can even create your own custom design right from scratch. Ordering is convenient and delivery of these customized mugs and glasses takes place within a short period of time. The standard mug is a 13 ounce size, while the large mug is a super sized 25 ounces. In addition to this, you can also print your photo alongwith the message for your loved one.

We are sure, that with the facts provided above, you can purchase just the right Beer glasses and mugs as gift for your family & friends, and make the occasion more memorable for them.