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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Bartending Gifts >> French Wine Presents

French Wine Gifts

French Wine Gifts

France is known to be the mother of all wine producing countries. The history, geography, climatic conditions, soil have all made France the wine trend setter. The Greeks and Romans were the first to plant vineyards in France. Through centuries, the vineyards continued to develop, along with foreign trade. It is estimated that France has almost 150,000 grape growers, who are very experienced in producing good wine. Another reason why France is the best producer of wine is the fact that almost all varieties of grapes are grown there. Due to many such reasons, French Wine gifts are the finest choice for any occasion.

French wines are so famous that even a person who barely has any knowledge about wines will know the big names like, Chablis, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Beaujolais. So it will never be a problem even for an amateur to give French wine gifts. If invited to a party or a dinner, then French wine gifts are one of the best options.

No party is incomplete without opening a bottle of wine. French wines as gifts are always well appreciated by the recipient.

Gifting your dad a bottle of French wine on his 60th birthday will surely bring a smile on his face. French wine gifts also make for an ideal gift for your parents on their 25th or 50th marriage anniversary. They can also be presented with other wine related products like wine glasses, crystal ice buckets or tongs.

There are numerous varieties of wines available in France each with its own unique flavor and mood. These exquisite wines are segregated as per the region they are grown in. To have a better insight into French wines you must know about five most important wine producing regions in France;

Alsace Wine: More than 90% of wine produced in this region is white wine.
Bordeaux Wine: This is the largest wine producing region not only in France but in the world, due to its highly fertile. The types of wine produced here are brilliant red and superb white.

Burgundy Wine: Burgundy also known as Bourgogne is famous for its dry and austere Chablis and delicious Beaujolais. This region is famous for making well known wines.
Loire Valley Wine: The Loire Valley produces the most varied number of wine styles in France. This region is mainly known for sweet and dry white wines, but also produces equally good reds and fruity roses.
Rhone Valley Wine: The Rhone Valley is recognized for its peppery red wines. It also produces some amount of white and rose wines. One interesting fact about this valley is that the north and south ends of the valley are geographically and climatically different, and so this valley produces very assorted mix of vineyards.

Wines can also be gifted to your girlfriend in decorated French wine gift baskets, for a special occasion or for a candle light dinner. If you are ready to spend some more, then other options to accompany French wines are, wine racks, wine cabinets and wine furniture.
French wine options are many, like white wine, red wine, rose wine etc. You just have to know the taste and preferences of the person to whom you’re gifting the wine.

Wine gifts are a good choice for another important reason. Research has proved that consuming wine in small quantities has overall health benefits like anti-aging, improved lung function, reduced coronary heart disease, ulcer prevention, stroke prevention and even cancer prevention.

So go ahead, and gift that bottle of French wine to your loved ones as this would be the best way to participate in their happiness & show how much you care for them.