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Liquor Gifts

Liquor as a Gift

Giving liquor as a gift to your clients, colleagues, friends and family is considered a gesture of sophistication. These are special presents that can be given on various occasions like promotional parties, birthdays or anniversaries. There are hundreds of varieties available when selecting liquor present for someone. Wine is definitely the most popular liquor present that one likes to give. Giving this type of liquor as a gift is a much better and appreciated way to show a recipient how much you care.

Unlike candies or chocolates, these can be gifted to weight conscious people. A recipient can also store the wine for many years and enjoy its taste as the time passes; unlike flowers, which only look attractive for a day or two. When giving wine as a gift, consider the preferences of the recipient. For instance, some people like red wine while some cherish the white one. Make sure the gift is nicely packed and appears attractive to the recipient.

Reputation of champagne as a liquor present can never be challenged. Irrespective of the occasion, opening a champagne bottle is often the way to kick start a celebration. If you are unable to attend a party, a bottle of champagne is the best way to make up for your absence and still impress the recipient. Even if you are trying to cheer up an upset recipient, most likely your wife or girlfriend, a gift of exotic champagne might just be the thing you were looking for. Giving this liquor as a gift is a great way to forget the differences and celebrate the beautiful life that lies ahead of you.

Whiskey is another wonderful gift which is highly regarded in a corporate environment. If your boss invites you to a party, giving this type of liquor as a gift can be your key to build a healthy & mature relationship with your superior. In fact, any colleague of yours who is into whiskeys will definitely appreciate this gift from your side. Try to find out the type of whiskey they like and make your gift even more thoughtful. Whiskeys are available in various brands and flavors. Scotch whiskey, American Straight whiskey, Malt whiskey, Blended whiskey and Irish whiskey are some of the most popular flavors of whiskeys.

One thing that most liquor lovers love but cannot get enough, is a beer. This may sound stereotypical, but the invigorating flavor of this drink makes people want more of it. Everyone likes to enjoy a delicious cold brew every now & then and always appreciates this liquor as a gift. It can be anything- German ale, a Belgian white or an Irish Stout. With ever increasing number of microbreweries and beers, beer gifts are now popular than ever. While beers may be not as sophisticated as wine gifts, they have an altogether different audience. They are the perfect gifts for buddies who like to spend hours of quality time together drinking this wonderful beverage.

Other popular liquor gifts include Bourbon, Brandy, Cognac, Gin, Rum, Tequila and Vodka. You can also personalize these gifts by handing out accessories with recipient’s name or initials engraved on them. One important thing that you must remember before buying a liquor gift is to make sure that your recipient is not a recovering alcoholic. Also, if the recipient does not drink or is against consumption of alcoholic beverages, giving liquor as a gift is not the right thing to do.

Know your recipient, identify his tastes and give him the perfect liquor gift. Presentation of the gift is equally important. Giving liquor as a gift is a great way to create positive feelings among your loved ones.