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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Bartending Gifts >> Martini Shaker Presents

Martini Shaker Gifts

Martini Shaker gifts

When shopping for martini shaker gifts, the range of options available can confuse any person, as there are various designs and styles to choose from. Traditional shakers, designer shakers, Boston shakers, French Shakers, Cobbler Shakers and novelty shakers are some of the most common martini shaker gifts available in the market. Boston shakers are highly popular martini shaker gifts and are considered great bartending tools. This dial-piece shaker has a metal base and a mixing glass made of glass or plastic.

The base and the mixing container can be used either individually for mixing or stirring as well as together, by inserting the two components into each other for shaking. If crushed ice is used, separate strainers like julep or hawthorn are required for shaking the drink. Rosle Boston shakers are great Martini shaker gifts and ideal presents for professional bartenders. The big mixing glass is made of thick glass that can handle stirring and muddling without scratching or cracking. It is also equipped with a scale for measuring the quantity in both ounces and centiliters.

The beaker is made using stainless steel and both the beaker as well as the glass fit together perfectly, which ensures that your recipient won’t spill even a single drop of martini while shaking.

One of the simpler martini shaker gifts, the cobbler shaker is a tri-piece martini shaker with a built-in strainer at the base, a cap and tapers at the top. The cap is also used to measure the volume of gin and vermouth. A good martini shaker also features metal prongs for partial melting of the ice during shaking. This type of martini shaker is easy to use and an ideal option for amateur bartenders. Simply fill the container with alcohol and ice, cover the lids and shake well for a glass of scintillating martini!

You can easily find a no-logo stainless steel cobbler shaker in your local barware store. This martini shaker holds nearly 250 ml of liquid and has cap that serves the dual purpose of becoming a shot glass.

For those, who own mini-bars at home, these martini shaker gifts will be much appreciated, due to the simple and straightforward usage technique. However, the straining takes a bit longer and a professional bartender might not be an ideal recipient for this one. Since it is a no-logo martini shaker, this can be personalized with the recipient’s name or initials engraved on the body, to give the gift a personal touch.

French martini shakers are considered great alternative to Boston shakers and cobbler shakers. It is a dual piece shaker, containing a metal cap and a metal bottom. A Hawthorne strainer works best with these martini shaker gifts. Unlike Boston shakers, these can be used by novices to make a martini without worrying about spillage during separation after the shaking. And unlike cobbler shakers, these do not have a built-in strainer, which people find to be too small, and usually have a bigger lid. So, this proves to be another great martini shaker gift for use at home mini-bars!

French Martini Shaker sets have become highly popular martini shaker gifts. The curves and brushed stainless steel finish of the French martini shaker gives a wonderful feeling during shaking and also makes some great martinis. The French martini shaker set also includes a hawthorn strainer, red knob bar spoon, spirit jigger and a martini muddler. The two pieces fit together comfortably & tightly and dismantling is also a lot simpler & quicker than a Boston Shaker.

When buying martini shaker gifts, you should definitely consider the bartending expertise of the recipient, along with his or her tastes and interest. Also consider his or her favorite martini; the martini shaker you intend to buy should be able to make that cocktail perfectly!