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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Bartending Gifts >> Merlot Wine Presents

Merlot Wine Gifts

Merlot Wine Gifts

Merlot is the most widely planted red grape in the Bordeaux region of France. In recent years, Merlot has gained popularity in the United States, South America, Australia, and Italy as well. The reason for its growing popularity is that it is softer, fruitier and fast maturing than cabernet sauvignon; but has some of the same aromas and flavors like black cherry, cedar, currant, green olive along with mint, tobacco and tea leaf tones.  Merlot is usually blended with other grapes to achieve the desired taste.

One of the wonderful things about Merlot is that it is delicious as well as so very affordable. Therefore, Merlot wine gifts are perfect for Christmas or New Year, especially when you have a whole list of wine lovers. Just do your homework, so that you know the recipients favorite wine, variety and vintage, and all the more better if you know about the producer.

Then you can always try to avail some special schemes or discounts, or perhaps even some special releases during festive occasions. Whomsoever you gift a wine of their choice will appreciate such a thoughtful gesture.

Maybe, this valentine you really want to show your girlfriend how romantic and thoughtful you can be. A very innovative idea would be to present her with Chocolate covered wine bottle as Merlot wine gift for Valentine’s Day. Merlot is an excellent compliment to chocolate. The wine bottles are literally hand-dipped in dark, milk or white gourmet ‘Guittard’ chocolate, and paired with each wine selection. What could be a better romantic idea, than wine and chocolate, to make your girlfriend feel on top of the world?
Merlot is grown in vineyards around the world. Since it is grown in abundance around the world, it is affordable. It is not always necessary that a highly priced wine will be equally good. Price depends on availability. Merlot is mainly known for the flavors of plum, black cherry, violets and orange. It should be served at 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of the best Merlot wine comes from places like ‘Bordeaux’ in France, Washington State, Napa & Sonoma Valleys, Italy and Chile.

Merlot is an easy drinking wine and goes well with a lot of dishes like Grilled meat, Roasts, Sausages, beef and lamb. So, if you are invited to a New Year party, you can always take along a Merlot wine gift for the host.
Merlot is a medium weight wine, and therefore the cuisine should also be chosen accordingly. Cheese, pasta dishes with tomato sauce go very well with Merlot. Merlot is too heavy for white fish, but it can be taken with heavier fishes like tuna or salmon.
Wine country gift basket is also a very good gift option. These attractive baskets contain a delicious assortment of wine, cheese and chocolates. This Merlot wine gift is an elegant way to celebrate any special occasion like a wedding or an anniversary.
Make Father’s Day special by gifting him his very own personalized wine bottle. You can put the exact words on the label and even a picture of your dad on the wine bottle. There are various fruity flavors to choose from, plums, orange, black cherry etc. Such a Merlot wine gift will make your father really touched and will be an unforgettable Father’s Day for him.

Wines are among the most sophisticated gifts one can give at weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas parties, the list is endless. The choice of flavor and the presentation is all that matters. Whatever be the occasion, an exquisite bottle of Merlot when gifted in an elegant manner will be long remembered by the recipient.