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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Bartending Gifts >> Mixed Drink Book Presents

Mixed Drink Book Gifts

Mixed Drink Book Gifts

Mixed drinks, a beverage which is made by mixing two or more ingredients, is quite popular these days. Many people enjoy these mixed drinks which might either be alcoholic or non alcoholic in nature. Some of the forms of mixed drinks are cobbler, cocktail, fizz, coolers, breezers, smoothies and punch. A person can enjoy these drinks at a party or in quiet solitude.

For people who have a love for mixed drinks, mixed drink books and guides as a gift is a good choice. You can select from a wide range of mixed drink books and guides, which would cover topics related to mixed drinks and also the methods of fixing such drinks. There are martini mixed drink, wine mixed drink, vodka mixed drink, beer mixed drink, punch, to name a few, in the alcoholic category while there are fruit juice punch recipes, tea - coffee drinks, in the non-alcoholic group.

So, you just have to pick the one which you think a mixed drink enthusiast would love to possess and get them that book or guide!

When you want to give a person mixed drink books and guides as a gift, you should first go through the various options available in the market. In case you want to give a person a book or guide on alcoholic mixed drinks, you have choices such as wine cocktail books or guides, champagne cocktails books and martini mixed drinks book. Or for instance, if you select champagne to be the central theme of your gift, go through the available books in that category.

Factors such as the type of cocktail recipes which are mentioned in the book, the number of recipes given in the book, the preference of the person you are intending to give it to should be given adequate consideration, prior to the purchase. A complete mixed drinks book is one which not only offers the above mentioned qualities but also provides tips regarding how to enhance your drinks cabinet, what new additions you should go for and also makes recommendations about what glass is ideal with which drink.

One book which can be a nice choice as a mixed drinks book or guide is ‘The Complete Book of Mixed Drinks’ authored by Anthony Dias Blue. This book has a wide collection of recipes for cocktails including the ‘Tropical Itch’, ‘Big Island’, ‘Velvet Hammer’, and ‘the Bunny’. It also contains tips about stocking up your collection of alcohols and liquors. The author is the Wine Whiz and James Beard Foundation Award winner, which is why his book is quite a credible choice for mixed drink books and guides as a gift.

The ‘101 Champagne Cocktails’ written by Kim Haasarud, offers a variety of concoctions for the preparation of appealing cocktails. The highlights of the book are the recipes for mixed drinks like Champagne Julep or Sparkling Margarita. It is a well illustrated book and has been put together in a fantastic manner. For the purpose of giving mixed drink books and guides as a gift, this would be a sensible selection. Similarly, the ‘101 Sangrias & Pitcher Drinks’ by the same author is another great book on mixed drinks. This book also features various wine and fruit combinations which make for wonderful mixed drinks. Those who are thinking of buying mixed drink books and guides as a gift, these books are an excellent choice.

Another nice book is ‘Bartending for Dummies’ by Ray Folley. The recipes in this book can be prepared by even amateurs, hence the name of the book. Among the non alcoholic mixed drinks, the drinks with a famed name are Apple Karate, Bloody Mary Jolly, Berry Love, and Cherry Spritzer. The books which contain the recipes of these types of drinks can be given to those who love non alcoholic drinks or do not consume liquor.

Mixed drinks are meant for occasions of enjoyment and merrymaking; so a person receiving mixed drink books and guides as a gift would surely appreciate and love such a wonderful gift, because it would provide the perfect recipes for such occasions.