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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Bartending Gifts >> Sparkling Wine Presents

Sparkling Wine Gifts

Sparkling Wine Gifts

Any wine connoisseur would revere a gift of the choicest wine and if that person has a love for sparkling wine, then he/she is bound to appreciate the gift even more. The catching feature of a sparkling wine is the fizz provided by the significant level of carbon dioxide due to fermentation. It is hence so named due to its fizzy nature. Sparkling wines can be found in different varieties. A common form of sparkling wine is Champagne which is considered to be an excellent choice for a sophisticated gift to anyone. It is one of the most popular sparkling wine gifts which are widely used during celebrations of any kind.

The Champagne variety is the native sparkling wine, of a region called Champagne in France. The Champagne is also one of the costliest sparkling wines in the world which makes it all the more appealing as a gift. One of the brands of Champagne which can be a good choice as sparkling wine gifts is the Laurent Perrier.

In the list of sparkling wines, the white or rose sparkling wine is the most common variety. However, one can also find red sparkling wines such as the ‘Italian Brachetto’ and the Australian ‘Shiraz’.

The level of sweetness of sparkling wines may vary a lot. In fact, in many European countries, the bottles of sparkling wines have a label on which the extent of sweetness is mentioned. The sweetness of sparkling wine might depend on factors such as the fermentation process and the age of the particular sparkling wine bottle.

You can also opt for vintage sparkling wines as nice sparkling wine gifts.  These wines are rare and expensive and their specialty lies in the fact that the wine is prepared from the grapes of a single high quality yield and aged for several years. These would make it different from the non vintage ones which is the more common variety.

Italian sparkling wines are great idea as sparkling wine gifts; and in comparison Italian wines are less expensive than their French and other counterparts. The Italian sparkling wine is known by the name of Spumante and the Italians are the reputed experts who have been preparing sparkling wines since the time of Romans. There are different varieties of Italian sparkling wine like The Prosecco, the Asti and the Moscato D’Asti variety.

The Franciacorta of the Prosecco variety is one of the most widely appreciated Italian sparkling wines. It has a subtle taste and is made by using Chardonnay Bianco and Pinot Noir grapes. It can be quite a creditable choice for sparkling wine gifts.

These sparkling wine gifts are impressive gifts which would enhance the collection of every wine enthusiast. You can gift these to your husband, wife, boss, friends or even your parents. They will simply be delighted to receive such a nice gift from you.

Sparkling wine gift baskets are easily available in the stores. An elaborate gift basket is always better than a simple basket of only wines. You can personalize a gift basket of sparkling wine by making a combined basket of flowers with bottles of sparkling wine. You could even just arrange a basket where you can add packets of dried fruits, chocolates and candies. The gift basket will, no doubt, will look attractive and also have the added advantage of having more delectable items.

So whenever you decide to give someone sparkling wine gifts, you can be assured that the recipient will be highly delighted by your present. You can enhance his/her pleasure more if you engrave the bottles with a touching message.