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Wine Book Gifts

Wine Books Gifts

Wine is one of the most popular beverages and has been a part of the human culture for a long time. However with the changing tastes of wine lovers, there has been an influx of various varieties of wines in the market. This makes it necessary to have complete information about the beverage and its suitability with different food items. Therefore giving wine books as gifts is an excellent idea to a wine lover in order to increase his knowledge about his favorite drink.

Wine books as gifts can be given on a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year or on any day irrespective of the occasion. Let us take a look at some of the most renowned wine books that you can select as a gift:

The Wine Bible by Karen McNeil is a storehouse of information regarding the different aspects of this beverage. This book contains extensive information about vineyards, wine tasting, different types of wines available in the market and matching wine with food items.

In this book the writer has a vast experience in the domain of wines and has beautifully illustrated the different aspects through photographs, charts and labels. This is an essential option in case you have decided on giving wine books as a gift to your loved one.

The Essential Wine Book: An Indispensable Guide to the ‘Wines of the World’ by Oz Clarke is highly recommended for individuals who are new to the world of wines and want to learn about it in a precise and easy to comprehend manner. This book even has a separate chapter on how to select a wine based on a particular individuals taste and preference.

Hugh Johnson’s The World Atlas of Wine is a bestseller that has sold over 4 million copies worldwide. The USP of this book is that it contains numerous descriptive maps and essays on the different aspects of wine. This book is an essential item in the bookshelf of an avid wine lover thereby making such wine books as a gift an ideal choice.

The Wines of Chablis and the Grand Auxerrois by Rosemary George contains extensive information about Chablis, which is considered to be one of the greatest white wines ever produced, and vineyards of the Grand Auxerrois. Containing the techniques and philosophies of wine producers, this book makes for an interesting read.

Red, White, and Drunk All Over by Natalie MacLean is another bestseller that offers an interesting guide into the world of wines. This book contains vivid interviews of wine producers, wine tasters & wine lovers, and weaves them into an interesting story. It is a must have for all wine lovers simply due to the interesting narratives and extensive information contained in it.

Wine books as a gift can be given as a standalone gift item or better still, along with a bottle of the recipient’s favorite bottle of wine. Imagine the satisfaction felt by your loved ones when they are spending a quite evening sipping on their favorite wine and reading a wine book presented by you.