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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Birthday Gifts >> Birthday Day Gifts for Dad

Birthday Gifts for Dad

Right from the childhood, the first person whom we run to, in order to get all our sane, insane, expensive and little demands to be fulfilled, is our father. On each birthday you would pester him to buy you that latest gadget, CD or your favorite brand of denim, but have you ever celebrated your father's birthday with the same enthusiasm, with which he buy you presents every year?

It is his birthday and you know that this is your chance to say thanks to him for all that he has done for you. What better way to show your appreciation and love, than by presenting him with a memorable gift. The birthday gift for your father should be something useful that he will cherish having, for years to come.

Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Given below is a list of top 10 items that would give you suggestions regarding birthday gifts for dad, and make him feel special on his birthday.

  1. Wrist watch
    A classic present for father, gift him a stylish yet elegant wristwatch, which he can wear in all the occasions, be it a formal party or work place. This gift will always remind him of your love, so go for something which will match his taste and buy a nice wrist watch for him, on this birthday.

  2. Health Care Gifts
    If your father is a health conscious man and is a regular gym or sport's club visitor, then there are various gifts for such a Dad. Starting from a nice pair of sports shoes, a digital pedometer, a treadmill, other exercising machines, to a nice comfortable sports outfit, make useful gifts for father. You can also gift him nutritious diet health books and yoga books or CDs.

  3. Personalized Beer Mugs
    Another exciting and creative birthday gift for Dad would be a nice Beer Mug, with “Happy Birthday “ or “ Best Dad” printed over it. You can also get a wonderful picture of your whole family printed on it with a nice birthday message and present it to your father. You can do a similar thing on a comfortable casual sport T shirt and gift these items with a lovely father's birthday greeting card.

  4. Locket Pocket Watch
    One of the traditional gift items for father, you can gift him a beautiful pocket watch, attached to a classy gold chain. It would serve the dual purpose of a jewelery piece and of a watch. You can also buy the father special key chains for him or birthday special key chains, there are also key chains available with various initials engraved on them, you can pick the right one and gift it to your father on his birthday.

  5. Comfortable Gift Items
    Just the way he has taken care of your comfort and needs from your childhood, you can do the same for him in his old age. There are various things that you can gift to your father on his birthday for his comfort like, a comfortable terry robe, for his after wash, or a muslin night robe with his initials embroidered on it to increase the sweet gesture. You can also gift the super comfortable acorn spa or sheepskin slippers. Other options would be a head or foot massager or a recliner.

  6. Personalized Music Tape
    Make a CD containing lovely songs on the father and child relationship. This musical CD says everything you ever wanted to say to your father. It is a compilation of perfect emotional songs combined with a personal message that can be signed by you. This can be a great birthday gift idea if your father has an ear for music and loves to hear nice soothing numbers. Some of the songs included in this CD are 'Just for you', 'To Daddy', 'Father to Son' and 'Soul Provider'.

  7. Passport Holder
    Your father always keeps his passport somewhere and soon forgets resulting in huge panic when there is a need for it. You can resolve this problem of his by giving him a passport holder as his birthday gift. This passport holder comes in a wide range of colors and you can select the one you like the best. This is a light, easy to carry holder, which can be of great utility to your father.

  8. Book
    This can be the safest birthday gift for your dad, if you are not able to think of anything else. You can pick any of his favorite books from a nearby library. He is sure to like this thoughtful birthday gift from your side. There are a whole lot of bookshops, which can provide you with rare editions of priceless books. But do not forget to sign it with a birthday greeting on the very first page.

  9. Gifts for hobbies
    If your father enjoys collecting things like stamps or coins or fine bottles of wine, then you can gift a leather stamp collector pouch, a coin sorter valet or a brewing kit, an electronic wine thermometer, a wine flight set or a cubist martini set, there are various style of wine pouring, cooling and storage machines available in market which makes unique gift items for father. If he enjoys other outdoor activities like hunting or camping get him a pair of strong shoes, gloves or warm socks that he would like very much. A picnic backpack , or golf clubs, are other good ideas.

  10. A Holiday Gift Package
    Your father is a hard working man, who works five days in a week and devote his weekend to the family issues, arranging for various things. If you can see that he is not getting enough time for himself, then go and find a relaxing holiday package for him, for a couple of days and send him on a trip to his favorite place. A birthday in his favorite destination would be a break from monotony. You can send the mother also with him for bonus, and both the elderly people can take a break from the usual stressful life. This would be a very thoughtful and highly appreciable birthday gifts for dad.

So do something out of the box and much to the glee of your loving father, on his coming birthday and for once let him taste the flavor of love, when children shower it on their parents.

Last Updated On : October 22, 2011