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Engagement Party

The reason of wedding engagement party is to celebrate your engagement with those who are close to you. The bride and groom can host the party or the parents of the bride or groom can host it. The tone of the party will depend on the trends in your region, as well as your personal preference.

If kept informal, it can even be combined with other celebrations, such as graduations or family reunions. There are truly no hard and fast rules for the guest list, formality, food, or setting Above all else, have a wonderful time and enjoy celebrating your engagement!

To organize a simple party in your home go through the following options for your engagement party.
Send Invitations
First check up for the availability of your close ones and then call them up and also make it a point to tell them whether it will be "the more the merrier party kind" or it would be exclusively meant for your close family and friends. Usually, the list is limited to those guests who are in the nearby vicinity, as it may be inconvenient for other guests to travel since they will have to for the wedding. Usually written invitations are sent out so that guests can mark their calendar, but if the guest list is short, verbal communication may be all that you need.

Engagement Party Etiquettes
Etiquette dictates that gifts should not be expected at engagement parties. This rule may vary, however, depending on your regional culture. You may want to explicitly state by word of mouth, if you do not expect gifts. You will also want to send a thank-you note to those guests who do give you a gift.

Party decorations
Fresh flower arrangements, gold and silver stars, wind-chimes, heart-shaped balloons, colored snow flakes, confetti decorations, bell-decorations, fringe horns, party poppers and other types of colorful pieces can set your party in a variety of mood.

Engagement Party Bites
A light, fun-filled, snacks type menu is more favored than a formal heavy-duty luncheon or supper. Food can be simple appetizers, a home cooked meal, a buffet, a barbecue, or a potluck where guests each bring a small plate.

'They Deserve It' offers a wide range of fun filled ideas and assortments on how to party on the occasion of Wedding Engagement.

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