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Engagement Ring Designs

The engagement ring design should be a primary consideration when shopping for an engagement ring. There are a wide variety of designs to choose from so take your time and check out all of the options.

Engagement Ring is a betrothal gift to the prospective bride after she accepts the marriage proposal. Worn on the ring finger of the left hand by the woman, it is a sign of love and life long commitment. Engagement Ring Designs have varied greatly over the years. Generally it is a band of gold with a mounted diamond or gem. A

change in the trends have other alternatives replacing the gold, such as the silver and the platinum band being equally popular. Diamond as an engagement ring gained ground in the Western countries more because of extensive advertisement campaign by de Beers, world's leading diamond producer.

The origin of the Engagement Ring can be traced to the Fourth Lateran Council presided by Pope Innocent III in 1215. The Pope declared a longer waiting period between the engagement and the marriage. Plain rings of gold, silver or iron were used at the earliest.

Engagement Rings mounted with stones
One traditional pattern had six stones mounted on the ring, on the left were the birthstones of the bride and the bride's parents while on the right were that of the groom's. Similar four stone mounted rings were familiar. These token rings had a channel within which could treasure a lock of hair of the suitor.

The First Recorded Diamond Engagement Ring
The first recorded diamond engagement ring was presented by the Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy as a betrothal gift in 1477.

Beautiful Engagement Ring Designs
  • A symbol of love, trust and commitment engagement rings patterned in different styles by the jeweler can bring a smile equally beautiful in your beloved's face.
  • A traditional platinum band with an engraved channel treasuring beaded diamond. The diamonds could be blue or red in color.
  • A big rectangular cherry colored gemstone in the middle flanked with smaller crystal gemstones in a platinum ring.
  • A radiant-cut yellow sapphire set between two seven-sided diamonds in a hand-crafted, hand-engraved platinum ring.
  • A striking 0.89 carat asscher-cut diamond set with two Fancy Pink diamonds.
  • A radiant Pink Spinel accented with tapered baguette diamonds.
  • The cool elegance of a rich violet sapphire and two sparkling trilliant diamonds in a hand-crafted platinum ring.
  • A wonderful 1.07 carat Rose-cut diamond set in an elegant platinum engagement ring. Thirty eight smaller Rose-cut diamonds serve as accents.
Engagement Ring Designs will guide you to choose the appropriate engagement ring for your beloved. Log on to They Deserve It to get information about a plethora of engagement rings and engagement ring designs.

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