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Platinum Engagement Rings

A platinum Engagement Ring is a betrothal gift to the prospective bride after she accepts the marriage proposal.

While many engagement rings are made from a band of gold with a mounted diamond or gem. A change in the trends have other alternatives replacing the gold, the silver and the platinum band being equally popular. In ancient Egypt, platinum Jewelry was extensively used It was by 1800, platinum jewelry gained ground as the royalty started wearing them. The world's most famous diamonds, Star of Africa and Hope Diamond, are both in platinum. In Platinum Engagement Rings you get information about the Platinum rings in They Deserve It.Platinum Engagement Rings
Platinum is one of the most popular precious metals in personal accessories, especially popular as settings for the highest quality gemstones.

Buying Platinum
While buying Platinum be sure of buying the the right quality platinum. It is counted in thousand parts. Most of the pieces are 95% pure. For good quality purchase you should look for marks such as 950 Plat, 950Pt, Pt950, Plat, 900Pt, Pt900, or 900Plat. Platinum is the costliest metal and safest for any sensitive skin. It resists tarnish and is the most durable metal in the world.

Platinum Rings
Platinum engagement rings are the most popular rings for engagements and weddings. Platinum Engagement rings with the diamonds are today available in hundreds of designs.
  • Platinum Bands: Platinum bands are very popular engagement rings. It can be a simple plain band with your initials inscribed or it can have a small diamond stud in the middle giving it a glamorous look.
  • Platinum diamond Rings: Platinum diamond rings are no doubt the priceless possession of any going-to-be bride. A solitaire diamond to grace the ring will be breathlessly appealing. Always figure out the shape of the diamond on your engagement ring. The shapes vary from round, princess, emerald, marquise, pear, and oval diamonds. The most popular diamond shapes are round and princess due to their high brilliance.
  • Men's platinum rings: Engagement platinum bands for men are stylish and sophisticated in looks.
Engage your beloved with the sparking diamonds set in the platinum engagement ring for life. Choose the best from They Deserve It.


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