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Friend Gag Gifts

Gag Gifts for Friends

Having a good laugh with your close friends is something everyone looks forward to! And for such situations, what could be a better idea than a crazy gag gift? A gag gift leads to moments of humor and fun, on remembering which you can laugh your heart out again and again. We have great ideas for gag gifts for friend which are reasonable and easy on the pocket.

You don’t require an occasion to present someone with a gag gift, and more often than not, a gag gift is purchased spontaneously, when a naughty thoughts springs to mind. These can vary from Betty Boop boxers to a coffee mug with a hilarious one-liner. And if you are the truly creative type, you could even try creating your own gag gifts for friend!

Sometimes, the faces of famous celebrities and politicians are often found on gag gifts, along with a social or political satire. Cartoon characters, offensive statements and shady connotations are all customarily associated with gag gifts for friend, making their way onto mugs and T-shirts. But, the gag gift that you plan on buying should be in line with the age as well as the sensibility of the recipient.

In case of kids, the preferred gag gifts are the one that double as pranks; which are fun in a mildly shocking way and end up in slight embarrassment. The cute looking pillow otherwise known as the whoopee cushion, "fake barf," pack of gum with a spring-loaded snap, and hand buzzer, which when concealed in the palm delivers a shock while shaking hands, have all been popular gag gifts for friend for generations.

You can also buy a gag gift for friend on the occasion of his or her retirement party. Gifting something useful, like a coffee mug, but with a funny picture or saying, makes the gift appear to be more valuable and incredibly thoughtful at the same time. Having a hearty laugh with the crowd as the gift is opened brings a lot of joy to what would otherwise be a regular beverage drinking utensil.

You can also prepare a homemade gag gift for friend by incorporating your humorous ideas or even memories into the gift. You could make a Post-It Pad shirt by simply using a yellow Post-It Pad and placing the yellow squares all over your friend's favorite shirt. Hang these up in the closet before your friend returns and watch him or her scream out!
Another gag gift could be Beer-noculars which are one of the best homemade gag gifts one can make. All you have to do is to put holes in the bottoms of two empty beer cans. Glue the cans together and then give them to your friend to use. You can even glue a ribbon on the beer-noculars, so that it can be worn around the neck. Another classic gag gift for friend would be putting shaving cream in a hat. All you have to do is line a ball cap or stocking hat with shaving cream and then quickly place it on your friend’s head.

When buying a gag gift for friend, it should be made sure that the gag won't hurt the feelings of your friend. Gags which are related to someone's unique talents or hobbies are usually the best bet, but gags meant to highlight someone’s shortcomings, even if the person is aware of them, will probably make them feel bad. It is possible to have loads of fun with friends, family and work colleagues for just a few bucks, but do keep in mind, that you don't hurt anyone’s feeling.