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Inexpensive Friend Gifts

Inexpensive or Cheap Gifts for Friends

It has been rightly said that “No man is an island” and “Friends are the sunshine in our lives”. These sayings clearly suggest that ones life is incomplete without true friendship. Friends are the ones who not only share our joys but also lend us a helping hand in times of trouble. Having said all that, it is imperative that we make our friends feel as special as we can. And in case you are wondering how to make your dear friends realize how much you care for them, it is a lot easier than you think.
At the outset, you might think that buying some expensive or grand gift would make your friend feel the happiest. But, fortunately this is not true because it is the feelings that matter and not the bucks you put in. There are various inexpensive gifts for friends that would be highly appreciated by them irrespective of the occasion. While planning to buy a gift for your friends, you must keep their likes & dislikes in mind.

In case you are uncertain about something, you can always go up to someone close to the friend for whom you are looking for a gift, and get rid of your dilemmas.

Once you are sure that you have done your homework, you can go ahead with the task of deciding what to buy for that special friend. There are a variety of cheap gifts for friends ranging from the ones you can make all by yourself to the ones you can buy from the market. The former option is always a better choice for someone you have known for a long time, while the latter is a good option for friends you have recently made and do not know much about.

If you are gifted painter or artist, you might as well make a painting for your friend and incorporate all his favorite colors as well as themes such landscapes or flowers. You could also make a personalized card which will make him feel all the more special. It surely will be one of the most heart rending gifts you could ever give to your friend, and would make him feel truly special.

You could also make use of your talents & skills in macramé & knitting to make beautiful friendship bands, belts, stoles, sweaters or even bags for your friends. Also, if you are adept at the skill of candle making, you can easily make a lovely gift comprising of exotically designed candles for your friends. These cheap gifts for friends would not impose a big burden on your pockets and can be ideally used to strengthen the bond shared by you and your friend.

Other than that, you could buy a plethora of inexpensive gifts for friends that are widely available in your nearest market. If your friend is a self confessed bookaholic, you could gift him the latest best-seller or a man booker prize winning novel. There are other options which include biographies, auto biographies, thrillers as well as science fictions, and if you are a voracious reader yourself, you won’t have any trouble at all. We are sure you can never go wrong by selecting books as a gift.

You could also buy latest trendy Tees/T Shirts available in the market and if you are lucky, you might just get them at good discounts or bargains, thereby making them ideal inexpensive gifts for friends. Another option could be a fashionable, yet inexpensive handbag or wallet, as girls specially like to team up their apparel with matching handbags. Some handbags are spacious and are ideal for the ones who spend a lot of time travelling, while some are especially meant for those jazzy parties. You could always choose a great gift keeping in mind the liking of your friend.