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Girlfriend Gadget Gifts


Gadget Gifts for Girlfriend

In case you think that modern gadgets are entirely for men to enjoy, think again! The woman of today is not only acquainted with latest technological fads, but also feels the need for the best gadgets available. Aware of the new generation of career women, the gadget industry is coming up with numerous latest inventions that simplify her lifestyle and add time to her daily routine. So, if you have one such woman in your life and are wondering about what to gift her, consider gadget gifts for girlfriend!
Here are a few ideas to pleasantly surprise your beloved, and see her angelic smile that you so greatly treasure. There are numerous gadget gifts for girlfriend available in the market to choose from; but you need to have at least an inkling of what she needs, before you head out shopping.

If your girlfriend is obsessed with computers and is a tech-guru at heart, then the ideal gadget gifts for girlfriend would be a thumb (USB) drive. These are available in a variety of swanky styles such as fortune cookies, light bulbs, trees and even puzzle pieces. You can even personalize the thumb drive by pre-loading it with data that your girlfriend might love such as a collection of her favorite love songs or pictures that she really likes.

In case your girlfriend is passionate about photography, you can take into account gifting her digital camera that takes video footage, still photographs, or both. Such gadget gifts for girlfriend will allow her to digitally record images via an electronic image sensor and create memories for a lifetime. Digital cameras can perform various tasks that ordinary film cameras cannot, including displaying images on the screen immediately after they are recorded, storing thousands of images on a single small memory device, recording video with sound, and deleting images to free storage space. Some even have the facilities of cropping pictures and performing other elementary image editing.

Another great gadget gifts for girlfriend  are pedometers, perfect for fitness freaks. A pedometer or step counter is an electronic portable device, which counts the steps taken by a person and this is done by sampling detecting the motion of the walker’s hips. There are various types of pedometers available in the market, which are listed in the order of accuracy: piezo-electric accelerometers, a coiled spring mechanism, and a hairspring mechanism. There are various other features like calorie estimates, clocks, timers, stopwatches and speed estimators, 7-day memory, pulse rate readers.

You can also opt for an USB wall charger, which are wonderful gadget gifts for girlfriend, especially if your girlfriend is one of those who has to attend a large number of calls during the day. The USB Wall Charger offers a convenient way to charge your device if it is not in close proximity to the computer or dock. It's a much easier option, especially since you need not wait for it to start up, and the charging begins the moment it is plugged into the wall socket. These are ideal to be used at home, work, while traveling or just about anywhere one comes across a power outlet.

If you want to see her gasp with amazement with something she’s never heard of before, you can gift her Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer which is a very convenient way to print photos from a camera phone. These gadget gifts for girlfriend will enable her to transfer images from a Bluetooth-enabled camera phone to the Mobile Printer and print instantly. With a built-in OBEX (object exchange profile) Bluetooth in the phone as well as the printer, the connection and printing becomes lightning fast!

So, now being aware of the latest gadgets, you can choose gadget gifts for girlfriend  and give her something that is sleek and sophisticated. Go ahead and forget the passé – pick out something advanced and exclusive for her, and see those eyes expressing admiration for your worthy gift!

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