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Girlfriend Gag Gifts


Gag gifts for Girlfriend

There are many occasions when you would want to gift your girlfriend- However, irrespective of the occasion, every now-and-then you are faced with a complex task of finding a perfect gift for the girl in your life. Most people opt for the traditional & romantic ideas of gift giving like flowers, stuffed toys, expensive candlelit dinners and chocolates. However, if you are willing to think out of the box and are in a perfectly healthy relationship, gag gifts for girlfriends are ideal presents. If chosen carefully, these gifts are great way to show your sentiments without being too emotional.
Sets of vintage silly shot glasses are great gag gifts for girlfriend. These sets of liquor shot glasses come with an embedded fun image on each glass. These images are only visible when the glass is full of liquor or any other liquid. The liquor acts like a prism which allows a person to see the image in light.

After the shot is taken, the image disappears. Depending on the interests & tastes of your girlfriend, you must choose your set of silly shot glasses appropriately.

‘Whatever clocks’ are also quite popular gag gifts for girlfriend, and are usually found in joke stores & gift shops. Like the name, the actual clocks are also quite weird and are used to describe time with a ‘whatever’ attitude. Face of whatever clock has a picture of a clock with numbers thrown away at the bottom of the image. In the centre of the face, word ‘Whatever’ is printed in an amusing way. If your girlfriend is a person who doesn’t like to be time bound, hates the concept of deadlines or just say ‘whatever’ a lot, whatever clocks are perfect gag gifts.

If your girlfriend likes gadgets and games, she will definitely appreciate a gag gift of USB Canon. Plug this ingenious canon into computer’s USB port and you have a cute little weapon capable of punishing people with a press of space bar. It normally has an impressive range of 10 ft and is controlled using movement keys (up, down, left, right) of the keyboard. These gag gifts for girlfriend come in numerous designs and predefined sounds. The bundled software allows one user to download and use customized sounds as well. Buy two USB canons and engage in a fun mini-war game with your girlfriend.

For the professional workaholic girls, a Finish Line Doormat might just be the gag gift you were looking for. After a never ending day of countless meetings and tiresome journey to home, nothing feels better than walking through the front door. Add fun to this feeling and present her with this witty gag gift for girlfriend.  Since you will be gifting this to a girl, the material is also important. Look for a doormat made of real coconut husk, absorbable fiber and durable coir, resistant to fungus and mold.

‘That’s mine’ tags are playful gag gifts for girlfriend, especially if she is a teenager. With these lightweight & nicely visible tags, she can put these lovely bright labels on her stuff. These tags are full of attitude & personality and are made of material which is everlasting and appears & feels like paper. You can choose from many ‘That’s mine’ tags like ‘Hello my name is’, ‘That's Mine Not Yours’, ‘That’s My Luggage’ and many others.

Other gag gifts for girlfriend include heart covered toast, Love Rats, a grotesquely realistic gummy heart, band aids in the shape of pucker and breath mints shaped like rosy lips. Few people are able to associate oldest tradition of gift giving with joyful pranks. With gag gifts for girlfriend, you can stand above the rest by combining fun and love.

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