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Girlfriend Graduation Fun

Girlfriend Graduation Fun

Graduation day is not just for tossing your black hat in the air; you can add more spark and lots of joy to this important day by planning fun activities with your group of friends. Go out and celebrate, after all it is going to be a new beginning from tomorrow when you  step into a new world. Everybody wants to make his/her graduation day a memorable one and an ideal way to celebrate is to throw a big and happening party.
To throw a party you need to first decide on a party theme. Some people go for stereotypical ideas like the school pride party or retro childhood party. But, you can always be innovative and try something out of the box. Choose a theme that will make your day frolicsome and fantastic.

You can select a girlfriend graduation party as the theme, where you invite all your girlfriends and have fun. What can be more joyous than a girlfriend graduation fun?

Select a perfect place to host the party; you can party at your home, your friend's place, in an old farmhouse or it could be a pool side party.

You can choose a color like pink or chocolate and let the theme to be something related to it. Decide the time when you want to host the party, and most importantly prepare the guest list. Make alluring and funny invitation cards to give it to all of your girlfriends. If you choose your house to be the venue for the party, decorate it with banners, paper products, glitters, balloons, pom-poms as well as photographs of your high school or college. After that, decide the activities you are going to do on that day.

Next comes the most important part, choosing the perfect dress for graduation party. You want to look your best on that day since the photographs of this day will be cherished long in the future. A week prior to your girlfriend graduation party, go for shopping and pick up the right outfit to complement the special day. Since it is girlfriend graduation fun, the dress should be something equally exquisite. Get something that goes on with the theme, such as Victorian style gowns or some subtle shades of pink, purple or mauve. Choose the right kind of shoes and accessories to augment your flamboyance and style.


A perfect celebration cannot complete without cakes. You can choose from a range of mouth watering delicacies like delicious chocolate cake with rich caramel frosting. If your girlfriends are pie lovers, you can also go for Apple pie parfaits. Food is synonymous to fun, so to make your girlfriend graduation fun more memorable, choose varied and delicious cuisine which your girlfriends love eating. Try Inside-out chocolate strawberries, which are easy to prepare and really delicious. You can call your friends and ask to help you in the preparations so that the fun starts even before the party begins! Get the right kind of music to set mood for the party, you can choose songs like Girls just wanna have fun by Cindi Lauper or some popular numbers of Samantha Fox or Spice girls.

Creating the right atmosphere is essential to having loads of fun after this important day. You should plan well in advance all the activities and resources that you would require to have girlfriend graduation fun. In case you are planning for an outing to a spa or a resort make sure that the booking has been made well in advance. Proper planning will ensure that unexpected hassles do not affect your celebration and fun on this important and memorable day.