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Girlfriend Party Themes

Graduation Party Themes

Special occasions are full of exciting times and fun-filled events, especially those once-in-a-lifetime occasions that end in a celebration. Creating a special celebration around a theme can make a momentous occasion, like graduation, more personal. Themes can be tied to memories like special places, events or activities to create a celebration that is tailored for the honored person.
Graduation party themes can be intricately involved or as light as is appropriate for the occasion. Planning a themed graduation celebration is as much fun as the party itself. Discount Party supplies and decorations can make the event a truly unique happening. Graduation celebrations are usually held in the spring, but can occur at any time of the year. For college students who graduate after fall or winter semester, a spring celebration may not be timely.

The time of year for the graduation ceremony and following celebration can be an inspiration for the party theme.

Graduation party themes can be planned around an idea or a concept associated with an exotic place or a time in history. The theme can also relate to the field of study of the graduate, their future career or their degree. For example, an architecture graduate might enjoy a “skyscraper” party, or Frank Lloyd Wright décor, with an “Arts and Crafts” style cake.

Some popular graduation party themes can include:

- Hawaiian luau themes. Guests can dress up in leis, grassy skirts and sandals. Tropical flowers – real or silk - and exotic island-flavored foods will relay the theme. Decorations can reflect Hawaiian culture, with tiki torches and floral patterned table covers.

- Pool parties. Fill the pool with swim toys, blast the music and serve lots of snack foods. - Dance parties. Excellent themes for graduation parties include Swinging ‘40s, the Rockin’ ‘50s, Blues Brothers or a retro ‘80s party.

-Dance parties are complete with DJs and music with rappers and break dancing. Dance lessons or demonstrations can make the party come to life. Food from the era is especially appropriate.

Planning a graduation party doesn’t take a long time, but do ensure that all of the details are intact can make the party memorable and eventful. Here are a few graduation party planning tips for your “to-do” list:

- Give yourself ample planning time. Make a timeline for tasks. Certain elements of the theme may take a while to locate so be sure to allow time to get everything you’ll need. Make sure there are enough leis for the guests and place the order for the pineapple shrimp in enough time.

- Talk with the graduate-to-be. Brainstorm ideas for theme, decorations, food and activities.

- Create a budget. Stick to it.

- Send the graduation invitations out early enough for your guests to R.S.V.P. Planning is essential and will make things go over seamlessly.

- Order all of the decorations in time and from one vendor, if possible. Ordering party decorations online offers great variety and flexibility, as well as attractive discounts and time-saving benefits.

Party times are fun times. Planning and enjoying a wonderful graduation celebration is no exception. No matter what type of graduation it may be, from kindergarten to a Master’s level or professional school achievement, both the graduate and the guests will anticipate the celebration. Choosing the right theme for a graduation party can make the party fun, lively and one your guests will never forget.

Bridget Wright