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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Graduation Gift Ideas >> Bartending School Graduation Presents

Bartending School Graduation Gifts

When considering gifts for a bartending school graduation celebration you have many choices which can be appropriate, funny, useful and in general gifts which will make the bartending school graduate feel respected and appreciated for choosing their line of work. IN today's world a bartender is not only someone who can mix up a wide variety of drinks but they are also the ultimate listener and entertainer.

More and more professional bartenders are seen performing stunts, juggling, tricks and feats of wonder with bottles, glasses and the other tools of their trade. Buying a gift for a bartender can be just as exciting.

When looking for a great professional gift for a bartender, or for a bartending school graduate, consider a resource material which they will be able to use again and again in their line of work. There are many great books on the market with all kinds of history and information about a wide variety of mixed drinks.

How to mix a drink, the history and origin of a drink and the evolution of a particular mixed drink can all be great pieces of information for the professional bartender. An encyclopedia of drink mixology would make a great gift. If you do not want to buy a huge book consider a specialty book which may focus on classic drinks made with vodka or whiskey or rum. Any professional resource like this would be a good bartending school graduation gift.

More Gift Ideas for Bartending School Graduation
Giving the gift of a classic Martini Shaker is a wonderful gift idea. A classic set of high-ball glasses or shot glasses is also an excellent idea for the bartending school graduate. Consider gifts which might expand the talents of a bartender. Classes in bartending juggling or showmanship can be found on the web and registered for on the part of the new bartender. You may consider personal safety an issue for the new bartending graduate and so a class on self defense or protection would be a good idea. Maybe your gift choice would be a can of pepper spray for self defense in case of emergency. Of course any bartending graduate can benefit from a great selection of high quality liquors to have in their home bar. This kind of gift can be very appreciated and welcome.

Memberships in local professional associations or clubs are also a good gift idea so that the new bartender can expand their network of contacts in the profession. Finally you may consider a subscription to magazines which focus specifically on the trends and developments in the field of bartending. Presents which help keep the new pro up to date on all of the lastest drink mixes and advances in the industry are important for a top quality bartender and a new bratending school graduate.