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Boot Camp Graduation Gifts

The number one Boot Camp or Basic Training graduation gift which you can give to your son, daughter or spouse is your attendance at the graduation ceremony. Showing your family that you care enough to be at boot camp graduation is a great present which will never be forgotten.

Some people ask what kinds of gifts should be sent to a Private during boot camp and before graduation. The general rule of thumb is that the training Private will have no rights and no personal property during boot camp. Sending gifts, notes, cards, letters or care packages during Basic Training could result in a range of humiliations. Send nothing during Basic...wait until graduation.

When graduation time comes around and the Private is ready to be released from Boot Camp or Basic Training this is a great time of celebration and gifts or presents are very much appreciated. You may want to check first with several different on line blogs about what is and is not appropriate so as not to cause any problems, but we have collected a good list of ideas to get you started.

As we mentioned above attending Basic Training Graduation is the best gift possible. You can usually arrange for a tour of some of the facility and learn about what your family member has experienced over the past weeks. This is a great time of pride and the sharing of that moment is a gift that can never be replicated, Beyond your attendance at the graduation ceremony here are a few great gift ideas for you to consider.

Selecting a Graduation Gift for the Basic Training or Boot Camp Graduate
In the military good shoes are always a plus. While there are boots which are issued the other basic footware is a great pair of walking or running tennis shoes which will fit comfotably and wear over a long time. Spend a lot of money and the feet will be grateful for many miles to come. A good multi tool like a Leatherman which contains a knife and other tools is an excellent gift. Not the huge bulky kind with 50 attachments but a nice compact multi tool. Good sunglasses are another great option. A hydration pack (commonly known as a Camelbak) which has pockets for carrying things as well as the hydration bladder is a great gift for a Private who will be outdoors often even on personal time. A quality watch is another good gift which can be used and remembered.

Another excellent gift for a new Private is a GPS device. While the military will certainly provide this equipment for active duty field operations the personal GPS is a wonderful gift for off duty use. Finally, if you are attending the Boot Camp Graduation ceremony a well planned dinner with food to the graduates liking and in good quanitities is an excellent choice for a Basic Training camp graduation gift.