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Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony is held in every schools and colleges to honor the achievements of the students on their successful completion of studies. It is the "Big Day" for every student. All their efforts and hard work get recognized and appreciated. Graduation ceremony marks the journey of students to a higher ground or platform. Graduation

ceremony is associated with rings, gowns, hoods, caps, mementos, certificate and tassels. In graduation ceremony every fresh grads are awarded with hoods which symbolizes the academic excellence of the students. provides all information about Graduation ceremony.

Hoods originally used as head coverings in cold seasons now represents a graduate's academic background relating to their institutions and degrees.

Class rings are presented by friends to each other. It is a token of remembrances of the sweet old times spent with each other. Class rings usually are personalized and meant to be worn on the third finger if the right hand. Class rings are engraved with schools or college mottos or any symbols.

Graduation ceremony also means giving away passed certificate to all the students. The certificates bear the grades and remarks from teachers and professors on their overall behavior and conduct.

Graduation ceremony also marks the appropriate time for delivering the "year book" to individual students. The year book contains all their contribution in terms of academic excellence, achievements in co curricular activities, colorful photos, self written poems and speeches of individual students and institution's developments. It is the journal of the particular institution.

Music has changed with times but all time favorite song of Graduation Day is Elgar's "Pomp & Circumstances March".

All fresh grads take vow wearing black gowns and caps. Black color is associated with dignity, achievements and accomplishments. After receiving the certificates fresh grads toss their caps into the air and commemorate the spirit of the occasion.

Tassels are worn by fresh grads according to institution's tradition and rules. Usually tassels are flipped to the left side upon receiving the graduation certificate.

Graduation ceremony is special for every student. The memories of this big day remain fresh and alive in their minds. Graduation celebration should be done in a very special way. provides all relevant information relating to Graduation ceremony.