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Graduation Day

"Graduation day is the climax of a dream.
A parental dream that began when a child is born,
And their hopes come true it would seem,
A triumph held after periods of forlorn,
A feeling of pride and euphoria years away,
For a daughter or son - Graduation day."

Graduation day is indeed a very memorable day in every person's life.

Graduation ceremony is celebrated in almost all schools, colleges and universities and all the students cherish this very day. Graduation day is celebrated in different countries in different ways. Usually the students are required to dress up in the typical graduation dress with the black hat, a picture so familiar to us.
On the graduation day the students are given their graduation certificates and medals.

Graduation day is celebrated with great fun through parties, celebrations and gatherings. Friends and relatives congratulate the new graduate with, gifts, cards and greetings. There are dinner parties organized where everyone have fun along with dance and music. This ceremony is celebrated so wonderfully because it is the occasion of a student passing out and stepping to a new world of success and glory. Therefore, the new graduate looks forward to celebrate this special day with his or her friends and relatives. is an online message and information centre which gives all details about the graduation day and provides tips for making this even more special and gorgeous.